Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dreary Hamlet

We played Dreary Hamlet today. A buddy of mine backed it on Kickstarter and he's been itching to play so we put it on the table.

This was a fun game. You play monster hunters in a town that will eventually be overrun by monsters. Whoever has the most gold (ash) when everyone is dead wins.

The game turns are separated into day and night. During the day, each player makes three actions; sell, eat, equip, or fight a monster. Then play proceeds to the next player and so on. Each monster is only hurt by one of five ammunition types, salt, bone,  iron, wood, and silver. To fight you must have the correct ammunition selected. Each monster also has numbers on the left representing hits, defense, damage, and strength and one number to the right representing the number of loot cards one gets for defeating the monster.

A fight lasts until all hits are taken from the creature. To hit you roll five dice vs the monsters defense. All dice that equal or exceed the monsters defense cause a hit. If the monster takes all the hits the player gets the number of loot cards indicated on the monster card. At this time a player may loot the dungeon as an action for one more loot card. If the player does not kill the monster the first turn it retaliates and rolls the number of dice equal to it's damage. All dice that score equal to or higher than the monsters strength are hits. Play continues until one or the other are dead.

All loot has a gold value and some loot has a food value. A player may play one action and eat as many food cards as they wish to heal.

A player may use spells or craft at any time. To use a spell simply play it and do what it says.  To craft, a player may use the indicated number of cards on the item they are wanting to craft as shown on the craft card.  These items are worth more than the base loot indicates.

The game continues until everyone is dead. The dead players play ghosts with nasty cards that they can use to screw over the living. I died and came back again with mine! Hahaha.

Fun game 3 1/2 out of 5.

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