Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Having successfully completed their first XCrawl the crew heads to the local uptown night club, the Phaser Noir for some R&R and excitement! On the way, Kitiara the bounty hunter gets a text looking to collect on a mark. Orcs have been spotted in the area too as have space goblins. The blighters are probably up to no good but it should be a good way to get a few credits plus the place has some triple action blackjack tables just calling Voulay's name. It should be an interesting night!

This episode features: Steve, Warley, Jamie, Mel, and Rob. Frank was absent and another potential player, Cliff joined us for a night of review so you may hear him as well. Cliff will be joining us as the sixth and final crewmember of the ship and is looking at the Mystic or Technomancer!

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