Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Starfinder Mission One - Angel Five

First starfinder game. Players work for Ares Corp and are sent by Director Alistair Jenkins head of merccon on a Beowulf Classified mission. The players ship is the Viper Explorer Custom the Horizon Destiny. The mission is to escort the Abadacorp Missionary Fabian Trust aboard the transport Angel Five to planet Bretheda's Sopeth's Corporate Mechanized facility. The known pirate of the raider Indigo Falcor, Rexus Vasiek has openly sworn to destroy the Angel Five and the players were advised to keep scanners active before and after any drift jumps.

The trip to Bretheda was smooth but strange Exonian ships beset the Horizon Destiny once she jumped out of the Drift.  A starship battle ensued when an Exoian Necroglider and Eoxian Leech Transport engaged the players. The battle lasted for three rounds of cat and mouse as the glider came quickly for the Angel Five and the Horizon Destiny blocking the attacks by putting herself in the Necrogliders path. The battle climaxed with an Exonian transport slamming into the ships hull.

The boarding action was fierce and the Exonian drones attacked and seriously wounded the Engineer before the crew destroyed them. The battle was hard-fought but in the end, they beat the Raiders and continued the space battle while using evasive maneuvers to protect the Angel Five. Radiation levels began steadily rising, seeping from the Leech as the ships computer, affectionately called Natalie by the crew, alerts began ringing warnings.

We need an automatic sentry antipersonnel security gun guarding engineering.

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