Sunday, May 14, 2017

Castles and Crusades - The Red cap Menace

We finished up our castles and crusades adventure with Pat as our Castle Keeper today. Our party was hired by a nearby town to stop the red cap goblins and after several weeks ending in a climatic battle with a ghost Naga we did just that!  Bonus, I got to keep the 3d printed Naga for my sword and sorcery games.

I really love the Castles and Crusades system.  It has a lot of similarities to both the 3.0 dnd and adnd.  I like that the classes get only some different abilities but it is streamlined and doesn't make use of feats or fiat systems. The game really has an old school feel to it. Ability score mods are on a three point spread instead of the normal two point spread. This means that a 12 is a plus 0 and an 18 is a plus 3. I also like the way they do primary and secondary ability scores with primary having iirc a standard DC of 12 and secondary a standard DC of 18 to succeed. The saves are modified of course by factors in the game and ability modifiers. This game does not use fort,  reflex, or will saves and instead uses the core abilities.

I quite like c&c and will be playing much of it in the coming years.

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