Thursday, March 31, 2016

7th Sea Setup

I'm running "A Lady's Favor" starting this Friday. It will be a biweekly game that will take place all over Theah. My players are all new to the system and I'm new to gming it.

My plan is to keep it light-hearted and fast fun, keeping to the spirit of the Princess Bride and Erryl Flynn movies. What brought me a renewed interest was the announcement of John Wick's 7th sea Second Ed kickstarter; which I gleefully backed.

This is a whole new group and it should be very exciting indeed!

This is a setup from Montaigne using Miniature Building Authority buildings. The players will start here in the courtyard outside of market square when they hear a woman's cry for help! From there they will go on to high adventure and cinematic combat with musketeers and who knows what else!

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