Monday, November 24, 2014

Monster Keepers Goes Live

Monster Keepers

Monster Keepers is a lighthearted Meta game meant to compliment any role-playing game system. This game encourages both meta-gaming AND micromanagement from the players.

You should already be proficient with or at least possess a passing familiarity with role-playing games in order to use this product. Therefore you should already know what you need for this game but just to be sure you will need dice, cards, miniatures (or some other way of representing where things are), dungeons, and imagination.

This game is not a stand-alone product. You will need any of the countless varieties of fantasy role-playing game systems out there. This game does not provide statistics or rules for running the player characters or monsters. This game provides a foundation for running the dungeon and random charts for what happens during the course of managing the dungeon.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kiddos Game

Had our first neighborhood friends kiddos game last night. It was myself and my buddy Mike with nine kiddos. Their mission was to get the map of the doughnut chamber from the ogre brute Blizduk. I used a home brew quick d6 system for it that had three stats and some skills and told the kids they could do whatever they wanted.
They had a blast and so did yours truly. Sharing my love of the game with so many young minds was a real treat.
Highlights of the game included the Robot tossing an ogre ax at the brute, Adrian going full baseball on a goblin, Izzy taking out multiple goblins and then sitting down to read about them with her barbarian, Lilly using flame thrower spells on eveything, Madison following in her mom's footsteps with an elf with a bow, Dominic and Vincent ninja and thief sneaking around, and Eli and Jonas coordinated delving and ambushing.
At the end of the game, Vincent said "why can't we play tomorrow? Two weeks is too long! " That it is boyo. That it is!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

GM Screen Castle

I picked up this little gem at the flea market this weekend.  I am planning on using it as a gm screen but if I paint it then it can double as a part of my castle layout. I am honestly torn either way. Keep it the way it is for nostalgia or paint it grey?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

World Building

This is the start of the world building.
This Doctor Jones.  This is history.

Players ultimate boss achievement - build a world as the gods of the world.

We will be using Dawn of Worlds and my own stuff to create starting at prehistoric age and going until the players feel the world is developed .

Then later I will run games in this world. It will be a living breathing world.

Fleet of Megabloks

Here is my fleet of megabloks and play Mobil ships.