Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Raiders of the Fever Sea -Final Battle with Kellroot

As Kellroot of the saughin lay splewn over the floor felled by a pair of musket bullets, scorch marks,spell burns, and weapon cuts; his eyes popped out of his face and his head splattered on the ground his body writhes in spasms. Many other dead lay scattered about or floating including that of a huge great white and many more fishmen as our party of pirates plunder his lair and discover the secret behind the treasure of Mancatcher Cove as they loot Captain Wolfe's lost treasure horde deep under the throne room in the blue hole of the lagoon.
Now they are Disreputable Pirates and feared in their own right but they are not yet true Shackles Free Captains. For that they will need to build up a sizable fleet and present themselves before the Hurricane King. Adventure continues as we conclude Raiders of the Fever Sea and move to Tempest Rising in our Skulls and Shackles adventure now with level seven party members.
Great game Melanie Elizabeth Adams Aurora de Silva Daniel L Hollis Frank Lombardo and Eric. Sorry we missed you Jessica Hollis but we understand! You level too!

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