Friday, September 26, 2014

MBA Castles Interview, Tabletop Towns Hab Unit Interview, and UpWorks

I had some great interviews which I posted on Bring Your A Game. One was on the Miniature Building Authority upcoming Castles Kickstarter. You can bet I'll be checking that one out! The other is on Hab Units. Now I have Tabletop Towns paper miniatures Castles, Towns, and Cargo Containers and I can tell you that they are very high quality. They are professional and highly laminated immedite use terrain.

Both Kickstarters are going to be very good to back. The other one I really wish I could back is Upward. This is the building system designed by Jeff Martin former president of Dwarven Forge. These are modular building pieces made of a similar pva to the Dwarvenite used by Stefan Porsky. These are some very cool pieces indeed.

Lots to see! Lots to spend money on! I love this hobby.


Table Top Towns Hab Units Kickstarter Interview

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