Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Skulls and Shackles - Mancatcher Cove pt 1

Last night we used the projector and I did something a little different and used the tokens from Roll20 and some other art that I uploaded instead of monster minis.  The tokens were easy to move around and made the game easy to DM. I enjoyed the effects too. At one time a fireball blasted the party and I used a big red fire explosion that I had pulled from the site.

The party figured out very quickly the trick with the eyes and went into the right one and after spending about an hour picking at the area they decided to dig and discovered the hole.  Down the hole they went and were ambushed by Saughaun before plunging into the frigid waters and almost drowning due to the length of time they had to spend underwater between air pockets. After a time they finally emerged into the chamber of Isabella and after dispatching the plant creatures there they looted the room.

A great fun game was had by all. I decided to mutate one of the Saughaun since I wanted to give them a bit more of a challenge. The funny thing is that it was my DMPC Avignon du Benard's Eidilon Murray the Moray, my pc is named  that almost died in the battle.

Here are some photos:

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