Saturday, August 16, 2014

DND vs Pathfinder (The New Round)

This guy echos my thoughts on DND 5th edition. Well maybe I echo his. Anyway here's my thoughts followed by his blog post which is linked below.

I agree with this article. The Alchemist and steampunk stuff got me into pathfinder too. I was also very sad with 4e. The rulesbloat thing got to me with Pathfinder.

I picked up Mythic hoping for a change and what I got was more rules to put with the rules of the rules that I had used to support the core rules and then players always seem to like to challenge those rules or my ruling of situations that are spelled out in some sourcebook somewhere. It was honestly like having to dig through chapter approveds in 40k which is a nightmare when you have to look for the marines but are playing nids. As a GM there is NO WAY UNDER HEAVEN that I will be able to read all of the material out there for pathfinder and remember it all. We HAVE to use d20pfsrd and pdfs because the game is that rules heavy.

I am running Lost Mines and I LOVE it. I will be changing our Ravenloft game to 5th and once Skulls and Shackles is over I imagine I will be putting away pathfinder for a while. I will be running the same group through Tyranny of Dragons later this year once they complete the Lost Mines.

Topless Robot - DND 5th Edition is better than Pathfinder

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