Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DND Starter Set in Chult

The group wanted to try the starter set but in Chult, land of dinosaurs, snakes, nagas, and mosquitoes; so that is what I've done.

We have played two sessions.

This game is deadly! They quickly learned to use inspiration and teamwork and were barely able to best the first goblin encounter. Once they got into the swing of things; however, the game picked up fast.

The first night quick but bloody battle filled with awesome in character roleplaying. This was followed by searching and locating the cave.

The second night we played the cave battle and the party decided to leave the cave and went to town instead.

This was particularly funny because I just bought the cave maps ...


So they get to town. Get the payment. Find out no dwarf and then promptly find the meanest tavern and start a fight with redbrands.

A few nasty crits later and one beheading and a throat red lining was answered by the surrender of the brands. What does the party do? They say get us drinks and tell us what you know and we'll call it even.

I love this game and those gamers (half ladies )!

This game made it very easy to makeup stuff on the fly and to give the impression of fluidity in mechanics.

Love it!

The redbrand whose name was Alarn told them he was happy to trade drinks for keeping his life and that they should check out the cave for their dwarf friend. He added "check us out when you return.  I will tell Glassstaff some new players and potential recruits are in town."

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