Sunday, July 6, 2014

It Came From Beyond the Still - Joint Drive in

Two weeks ago on Saturday. The Hatfields ,McCoys, and Grangers have decided to team up and make a drive in theatre. The trouble is they used Silver Scream Beam technology and now it is attracting Grabbies and shooting out all kinds of monsters.
The game ended with the Hillbillies winning by a slim margin vs the monsters and aliens.
Hillbillies: above plus Area 51
Monsters: Titanians, Grays, Monster Mash, and Grabbies.
Movie Monsters: Fifty Foot Trailer Hussie, Killer Robot, and The Fly.
Cultists: Major Servitor, fanboy, hounds of the corn.
Highlights: Grays turning their ufo into an RV and flying it around. Hatfields vs Monster Mash. Fifty Foot Woman attacks. Cultists being eaten by own monsters summoned. Area 51 attacking with the choppa and having their hmmwv destroyed by adult grabbie. Grays using the tractor beam to tractor beam tractors.

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