Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Guard Keep - Rescue Santa with the kiddos

The kiddos are enjoying playing dnd with their rents. OK we are playing Pathfinder technically. Today they entered the guard keep to find the crystal key to the tower where Santa Claus is being held by the goblins. No toys for Christmas! To heck with that say the kids.

The dungeon

Izabellavena and Barnes enter a room full of shrooms. "Mushrooms like these are used for sleep spells."

A goblin sorceress appears from behind a mushroom "AH, sleep!" Iz falls unconscious.

More goblins emerge

Barnes and Riley tear up goblins while Iz shoots with magic missile. Sir. Ostrich (offscreen) fights goblins at the stairwell.

Riley sets off a spiked floor trap but dodges out of the way.

Skeletons appear from a magic spell when Iz touches a potion. Guess the Sorceress was touchy about her stuff.

Loot the sorceress' room!

Hidden in a pool of slime, a green slime is spotted and it immediately attacks the party.

The kids played well and only needed a little prodding from mom and dad this time. They are having a good time playing and I look forward to the next session. They have recovered the crystal key from the demon room.

Terrain by Dwarven Forge - Dungeon Tiles
Miniatures by Reaper Bones, DND Miniatures, Pathfinder Miniatures
Additional Terrain by Hirst Arts, Dwarven Forge, and Reaper Bones

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