Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pulp Alley - Dinosaur Hunt

In about thirty minutes I will be running a massive pulp alley game at my house. This will be a dinosaur hunt. My friends will be dinosaur hunter leagues and my wife and kiddos will be dinosaurs. I will be the flora and the surprise challenges. I made a big pulpy bridge for this game using dowels and sticks. I will put up a bigger post later. We will be using the Pulp Alley rules. I am bias because I was honored to have had the opportunity to have helped write them and was the lead editor. I am looking forward toward more products by Pulp Alley. Check them out on Pulp Alley.

Here are a few pictures of the setup and the bridge.


  1. Cool lookingvsetup. What a coveniently wide rope bridge you have there. I am sure it's dino rated :)

  2. Excellent looking terrain!

  3. Hi,
    I'm interested in running a Dino game using Pulp alley rules. Did you still use Plot points in your game or did you focus more on a combat-themed game? How many and how big were your Leagues for the game?