Monday, March 3, 2014

Pulp Alley Dino Hunt - Scenario Conclusion

We had our dinosaur hunt game using the Pulp Alley rules yesterday. We had a game full including the kiddos and our friends/family!

The league with no name wins with over thirty points! England's zoological society was well pleased and funded another expedition to a ghost town in Nevada rumored to be the home of an ancient attraction called West World.

The Shadow Society - Nazis ran by Brent Rogers placed second.

The Sluths - Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys ran by Frank Lombardo placed third.

The Stooges - Moe and gang ran by Eric placed last.

The kiddos stuck through the first two hours but I ended up running them in the end.

All plot points completed:
Idols x5
Dinosaurs (all defeated)
Fossils x4
Easter Heads x2
Hidden axebeak
Botany x4

Highlights was Frank Hardy vs TRex. Frank beat TRex in hand to hand combat. Howard took two out Allisaurus, many anklysaurus and a dilophosaurus, two idols, botany and Easter head. Brent died well and took out a Brach, Easter Head, Idol and hardys. Frank took out dinos and a few nazis. Eric provided much comic relief.

Great game!

Things we will do differently. Allow followers a 6+ health recovery check during recovery turn.

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