Thursday, March 20, 2014

Games and LIFE

These past few years have been challenging to my family and myself. Lots of things has changed and I have had several complete paradigm shifts. Much has happened and much is left to understand. For those of you who do not already know, my wife has been told she has an auto immune disorder by her doctor and we are seeking treatment.  This was caused by the little "friend", an IUD called Miriena. Under normal circumstances they say that this does not happen but see this little "friend" migrated - that is - it took a little holiday around her insides before having to be removed surgically. This has caused her much pain and grief and along the way we have lost and gained friends and family. To those that have left I say good riddance. Friends and family need to support one another and really listen. To those that are still around I say welcome and I am very blessed to know you.

I am looking forward to this weekend of boardgames, ravenloft, and shinnagans with my friends! For those of you at Megacon I say have a great time. Game on! We look forward toward the future with hope for science and faith in ourselves.

We continue to game and have fun but I question many things about what I was brought up to believe. Perhaps this is will be my only personal post on here but perhaps not. A blog is a nice place to get down thoughts and feelings. Namaste', God Bless, and Be Well.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pulp Alley Dino Hunt - Scenario Conclusion

We had our dinosaur hunt game using the Pulp Alley rules yesterday. We had a game full including the kiddos and our friends/family!

The league with no name wins with over thirty points! England's zoological society was well pleased and funded another expedition to a ghost town in Nevada rumored to be the home of an ancient attraction called West World.

The Shadow Society - Nazis ran by Brent Rogers placed second.

The Sluths - Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys ran by Frank Lombardo placed third.

The Stooges - Moe and gang ran by Eric placed last.

The kiddos stuck through the first two hours but I ended up running them in the end.

All plot points completed:
Idols x5
Dinosaurs (all defeated)
Fossils x4
Easter Heads x2
Hidden axebeak
Botany x4

Highlights was Frank Hardy vs TRex. Frank beat TRex in hand to hand combat. Howard took two out Allisaurus, many anklysaurus and a dilophosaurus, two idols, botany and Easter head. Brent died well and took out a Brach, Easter Head, Idol and hardys. Frank took out dinos and a few nazis. Eric provided much comic relief.

Great game!

Things we will do differently. Allow followers a 6+ health recovery check during recovery turn.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pulp Alley - Dinosaur Hunt

In about thirty minutes I will be running a massive pulp alley game at my house. This will be a dinosaur hunt. My friends will be dinosaur hunter leagues and my wife and kiddos will be dinosaurs. I will be the flora and the surprise challenges. I made a big pulpy bridge for this game using dowels and sticks. I will put up a bigger post later. We will be using the Pulp Alley rules. I am bias because I was honored to have had the opportunity to have helped write them and was the lead editor. I am looking forward toward more products by Pulp Alley. Check them out on Pulp Alley.

Here are a few pictures of the setup and the bridge.

GM Advice - Noobs

One of my groups asked about what advice we would give new GMs. Here's what I said.
"Don't be a dick. Power comes with responsibility. Know the rules but know what your players can do. Research the world or devise your own. Give players a heads-up on any houserules before the game starts. Be consistent always. Use voices. Be silly. Ham it up. Rules are important but not at the expense of the story. When I talk about rules I am never talking about using them against the players. You can and will be challenged. You will be part psychologist part bartender and part storyteller. You are NOT writing a novel by yourself. You are in an immersive (that is a real word Facebook) shared experience. You will at times get mad at your players. It is ok to be challenging it is NOT ok to 'teach them a lesson'. Your monsters, encounters, etc will ALWAYS be able to destroy their characters. Don't do it. Be fair. Be honest. Be fun. Show them a good time and you'll have a good time too. Rest of advice I leave to years of game master experience."