Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy 40th DnD

I started playing this game long ago and have never looked back. Today we celebrate a game of make believe of magic and monsters and treasure and loot and of stories both great and small. Today we look at 40 years of adventuring, of Mountain Dew (and its predecessors) and all of the great memories we have made. I can proudly say I have been playing dnd since I was about seven years old. Happy birthday. Today I share the game with the family as we sit down to rescue Santa Claws from the kobolds of drog's keep. Here are some photos of games over the years.

Well.. They found Santa after they lost the final battle to the kobolds and an ogre named Jack Pumpkin. They woke up in a cell near him in a familiar mine where they once freed prisoners of these guys... "Time ta earn yer share of food!" Cried the furry faced kobold task master. "We will teach you to work!" Tonight's TPC (total party capture) brought to you by the letter M and the number fram.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Space Wranglers

Introducing the latest game from Dastardly Designed Games - Space Wranglers.

After the fiscal collapse of 2438 the galaxy was in short supply of prime grazing for cattle due to the land striping and blaze mining for H3 (that’s helium three for you and me city folk). People started turning to synthetic beef and milk for their bovine dietary requirements. After a time people started to get used to the idea of synth beef but one day a man with a vision who came from a long line of Texas cattle ranchers changed all that and brought back the good stuff!

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