Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dinosaur Kiddos Game

Tonight we had a kiddos dinosaur vs dinosaur deathmatch game. The object was to be the last dinos standing. The kids could bug out anytime and decide they want to leave the hunting and foraging grounds to others. We had a great fun game with one of the kids stating "He has dino meat is his mouth" and "Bite her head off!" and "Oh that really hurt!" The winner was the Stegosaurus after all the TRexes bailed! My eldest daughter Madison really held her own as a Triceratops versus so many meat eaters ganging up on her!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monster Keepers Goes Live

Monster Keepers

Monster Keepers is a lighthearted Meta game meant to compliment any role-playing game system. This game encourages both meta-gaming AND micromanagement from the players.

You should already be proficient with or at least possess a passing familiarity with role-playing games in order to use this product. Therefore you should already know what you need for this game but just to be sure you will need dice, cards, miniatures (or some other way of representing where things are), dungeons, and imagination.

This game is not a stand-alone product. You will need any of the countless varieties of fantasy role-playing game systems out there. This game does not provide statistics or rules for running the player characters or monsters. This game provides a foundation for running the dungeon and random charts for what happens during the course of managing the dungeon.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kiddos Game

Had our first neighborhood friends kiddos game last night. It was myself and my buddy Mike with nine kiddos. Their mission was to get the map of the doughnut chamber from the ogre brute Blizduk. I used a home brew quick d6 system for it that had three stats and some skills and told the kids they could do whatever they wanted.
They had a blast and so did yours truly. Sharing my love of the game with so many young minds was a real treat.
Highlights of the game included the Robot tossing an ogre ax at the brute, Adrian going full baseball on a goblin, Izzy taking out multiple goblins and then sitting down to read about them with her barbarian, Lilly using flame thrower spells on eveything, Madison following in her mom's footsteps with an elf with a bow, Dominic and Vincent ninja and thief sneaking around, and Eli and Jonas coordinated delving and ambushing.
At the end of the game, Vincent said "why can't we play tomorrow? Two weeks is too long! " That it is boyo. That it is!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

GM Screen Castle

I picked up this little gem at the flea market this weekend.  I am planning on using it as a gm screen but if I paint it then it can double as a part of my castle layout. I am honestly torn either way. Keep it the way it is for nostalgia or paint it grey?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

World Building

This is the start of the world building.
This Doctor Jones.  This is history.

Players ultimate boss achievement - build a world as the gods of the world.

We will be using Dawn of Worlds and my own stuff to create starting at prehistoric age and going until the players feel the world is developed .

Then later I will run games in this world. It will be a living breathing world.

Fleet of Megabloks

Here is my fleet of megabloks and play Mobil ships.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Reverse Dungeon - MonsterKeepers

Last night I ran a Reverse Dungeon in the style of the old pc game Dungeon Keepers. The players had pre generated monster characters whose job it was to take over a dungeon from a former group and continue operations. They were ordered by their lich lord master to expand the dungeon and look for new sources of wealth. The dungeon was ran by the players and I played the heroes that kept coming and adventuring every so often.
They started with the pregens and five slaves. They had a basic floor plan with no rooms completed. I made up a chart for purchasing various room types and monsters. The idea was they make a room type and at the end of the building phase they might attract monsters to pay to work for them.
Each turn was broken into a weeks worth of time . Each player character could do one action per week. Run the slaves, explore, build, study etc .
They started with 200 gold initially and built a kitchen and a small lair. The lair attracted six goblins. No pesky heroes showed up the first week. Unfortunately the goblin player pushed a few of the slaves to exhaustion and they passed out. They only made a few coin.
Week two had them building an alter room and a second small lair. The heroes bugged them but they were only first level. The monster players dispatched the heroes after a few combat rounds. Only the monsters in occupying areas were allowed to fight so as to keep from the everyone rushes to defend the dungeon even though they are busy with something else routine. As the heroes explored the dungeon the monsters got checks to notice and join the fray. The drop played by my wife turned out to be a nicer taskmaster and she allowed the exhausted slaves a rest and did not push the others. They earned a few coin from the mines and after looting the heroes and sending a few to work the mines they earned a few more coin.
Turn three had the monsters building the alter (large rooms take two weeks to complete) and they rolled an imp who offered to work for magic items found. They accepted and wrote off the gold on their books. The second pair attracted bugbears. Several players went exploring and found gold deposits. A gold mine! They were attacked again by heroes who caused some goblins to meet their maker. The heroes ended up becoming slaves in the new gold mine.
Turn four had them attracting more goblins. No heroes attacked. They put alarms on doors to alert the creatures in the lairs. The gold proved to be useful . My son purchased a water lair to attract lizard men.
Turn five had a band of heroes with their henchmen show up demanding the release of prisoners. The heroes came in all sides and the battle raged for about an hour to be concluded by the heroes being chased off or eaten by monsters. A few were pressed into service and one unfortunate was turned into a revenant vampire by the vampire player.
I made the rules for the game but it was very simple. The players had a 50% chance of obtaining 1d6 monsters for small lairs, 2d6 monsters for large lairs or one large monster, etc. Once the monster was attracted it had to be paid. Monsters are they paid monthly or there's a 50% chance that 1d6, 2d6, etc. run away. Heroes had the same chances of attacking. In all cases of percentages I had the players roll. 
Rooms had a standard footprint and could be arranged as players desired. Small rooms were 4x6, large rooms were 8x6, etc.
All in all a good fun game!  It also gave players the chance to dm and see how hard I work for them! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Birth of a World - Firestorm

This is the culmination of The Eternity Puzzle with the players topping off at Mythic Tier 10 and Level 20 and becoming gods and making their own world by putting the puzzle together.

I give you the start of Firestorm. Our campaign world. Eventually I will want to take this fractal and make it an actual map but first we need to populate it by playing the world building game. Instead of actually printing it out we'll use Roll20 to project it to the tabletop and to play the world building game. I look forward to this!

We will be using Dawn of Worlds to build this world together.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Raiders of the Fever Sea -Final Battle with Kellroot

As Kellroot of the saughin lay splewn over the floor felled by a pair of musket bullets, scorch marks,spell burns, and weapon cuts; his eyes popped out of his face and his head splattered on the ground his body writhes in spasms. Many other dead lay scattered about or floating including that of a huge great white and many more fishmen as our party of pirates plunder his lair and discover the secret behind the treasure of Mancatcher Cove as they loot Captain Wolfe's lost treasure horde deep under the throne room in the blue hole of the lagoon.
Now they are Disreputable Pirates and feared in their own right but they are not yet true Shackles Free Captains. For that they will need to build up a sizable fleet and present themselves before the Hurricane King. Adventure continues as we conclude Raiders of the Fever Sea and move to Tempest Rising in our Skulls and Shackles adventure now with level seven party members.
Great game Melanie Elizabeth Adams Aurora de Silva Daniel L Hollis Frank Lombardo and Eric. Sorry we missed you Jessica Hollis but we understand! You level too!

Friday, September 26, 2014

MBA Castles Interview, Tabletop Towns Hab Unit Interview, and UpWorks

I had some great interviews which I posted on Bring Your A Game. One was on the Miniature Building Authority upcoming Castles Kickstarter. You can bet I'll be checking that one out! The other is on Hab Units. Now I have Tabletop Towns paper miniatures Castles, Towns, and Cargo Containers and I can tell you that they are very high quality. They are professional and highly laminated immedite use terrain.

Both Kickstarters are going to be very good to back. The other one I really wish I could back is Upward. This is the building system designed by Jeff Martin former president of Dwarven Forge. These are modular building pieces made of a similar pva to the Dwarvenite used by Stefan Porsky. These are some very cool pieces indeed.

Lots to see! Lots to spend money on! I love this hobby.


Table Top Towns Hab Units Kickstarter Interview

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ravenloft - Fith edition - the meeting

We converted over to fifth edition for Ravenloft last night.

The party is a drow monk, drow warlock,  tiefling fighter,  tiefling druid, tiefling wizard, dragonborn cleric, and a human barbarian.

The party met in secret under Harmonic Hall.  There they met the Crooked Man. A lich. Their benefactor.

After a brief meeting and intro to the Lode Stone, they were sent off to recover an artifact from the Dirge Cemetery.