Sunday, November 10, 2013

Castle of the Verdant Wood

Today I added a second Warhammer Fortress (still trying to get those darned towers together -it's a real pain) and doubled the size of the castle.  Setup the castle to show off and chatted with pop a bit when he came over.  Yesterday I picked up the fort from a buddy at FLGS at their Gamer Flea Market. I also scored five OSG modules for $2.00 each.  All that Glitters, Inverness and Barrier Peaks are among some of the titles I found. My other buddy picked up Tomb of Horrors (I still need that one) also for 2 bucks.

Since we have been playing Battleystems, Steve decided to give me his old hillgiant Belduk (or whatever his name was that came in the Ogres of Spiderhaunt boxed set. I just primed him and my own boxed set of Spiderhaunt.

Today I pretty much spent time priming some castle pieces and putting together the game for Friday night's Eternity Puzzle. Since it has been cooler outside it is my hope we can game out there Friday night.  The area is much bigger and gives not only more room but more gaming space for our stuff.

Friday they travel to Castle of the Verdant Wood to try to convince the King of the Hunt that they should go on the hunt. Somehow they will also have to convince him to give them one of his hounds. The area around the Castle is overgrown as is the castle itself, having returned to nature long ago.  This particular setup was a lot of fun and I am very excited to be running it Friday.

Here are some photos

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