Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Skulls and Shackles - Days 8 - 12

The Storm
The crew worked their way through the eighth day as best they could with the heavy rains  and rough seas.  They continued their duties even managing to keep Mr. Plugg from seeing their failures. Twas a good but rough day.

That evening after a measly biscut and water ration the Captain called all hands to the deck to work the riggings. The squall hit hard and the heavy rain turned into a full fueled storm that rocked the Wormwood. As crew scrambled to the rigging Chobchobar fell overboard.

Just as he seemed to be swept out to sea the weather eye of the players caught sight of the gnome about twenty feet to the port.A hurried time spend hauling crew on board. No hands lost. The storm after they worked all night.

The next day had Mr.Plugg setting them to crabbing. Sandara Quinn joined them.  They were each given crab pots and ordered to swim to a nearby reef. During the reef expedition they were ambushed by some nasty crab like critters and managed to take a ripclaw (what they were called) to the capt who rewarded them and told them to prepare for boarding school...

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