Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tiger's Eye - Beneath the Waters

The salvage operation continued as the players gathered up the coins and treasure from the shipwreck. The sharks became ever more aggressive and began attacking in larger and larger numbers.  Carefully the crew made their way around in the smaller boat while picking off sharks.  This only bloodied the water. A disturbing scene played forth as the players witnessed the pile of skeletons move and Hassim ever on the lookout watched in horror as a great white shark emerged from beneath the pile of skeletons from the oceans depths.  The remainder of the Tiger and Blue sharks darted into open water as the great white female started to menacingly circle the smaller boat only to disappear into the dark water below.

Hassim continued to watch as everyone scrambled to help aided by the magic of mage hand with the sorceress and her usage of the spell to get coin from the ship using Hassim's hat. The boat circled to the opposite side so as to not disturb the great white but then the shark leaped from beneath the ship and overtook one of the crew dragging him beneath the waves below.

That's when Hassim and Fishknife saw the smaller great white sharks emerge from beneath the floating skeletons and the dorsal fins of several larger sharks, though not as big as the mother, soon began circling the boat.  Dragging the barnacle encrusted treasure chest into their boat the party made way for the Tiger's Eye without disturbing the mother great white further.

"That was strange shark behavior" one of the crew put in "and the Tiger's are the largest species of sharks this far south. Wonder why that mother white is around?" It seemed the mystery of the low pearl season was solved.. but why did the shark attack them?  Could they be motivated by something else? Saughaun perhaps? The crew and party consulted the captain and learned that the sharks were indeed used as pets and mounts by the devil fish. Another bit of information presented itself in that the previous champion of the peal tournament from last year won by bringing back the magical trident and the head of the previous Saughnin queen.

We close the game as the party makes way to prepare for a funeral with no body... The sea is a cruel mistress.

Tigers and Blues swarm the party in a feeding frenzy.

The mother Great White emerges from the depths. Disturbed  by the commotion on the surface.

The Mother Great White leaps over the boat taking a crew member into the depths with her...

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