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Starwatchers of Mourn - A Store

23-30 Redwolf 3122 "A Store"
Black Lantern Dymarti Strongbow Reporting:

The Mission:

Still on mission to scout the dealings of suspected Red Store activity in the area the party learns of one Renault's Textiles. They spend the next several days plotting how to approach the owner of the store and even make a few stops over to the store to get information on their intended target.

After Action Report:
The party decided to go with the direct approach and made contact with Humbalt, a second in charge of the store and manager of the Textiles. "Where might we acquire items of illicit nature?" Mal asks the store keep. "One might return on the weekend following the high moon." Returns Humbalt. "When you do. Be sure to bring coins." The meeting so arranged the party met with the owner of the store and learned much but was unable to fully determine if the owner was indeed working for the Red Store. The owner Renault did mention he worked for The Merchant but then all shop owners feel that they are merchants in one way or another and whether his claims were truthful or the words of a braggart the party could not tell.

Once inside the store they were amazed at how much it had changed from the day-in-day out routine that they had observed. The shop itself was filled with exotic spices and textiles but also contained kettles presumably for melting iron, strange rods hung on the walls and the areas where previously rugs had concealed had all manner of beakers and bottles. "Need some uppers?" The shopkeep asked. "These will keep you fast and allow you to sneak."

Bartering so concluded the party made their way out but not before being accosted by the skeleton minions of the alchemist and his friends. A deal was stuck in which they would bring back 'real' vampire blood in exchange for potions of light and silver as well as more knowledge into the dealings of the Red Store.

Important NPCS:
Renault - Shop Owner (Suspected Red Store Member)

Humbalt - Shop Manager

Ralak - Ogre Muscle

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