Monday, September 30, 2013

Star Wars - A New Boat - Pt II

We finished the Star Wars - A New Boat game yesterday.  Faelan's ATAT proved to be a massive beast as it slowly lumbered its way over the board. The game was neck and neck as Madison raced her Rebel Commandos all over the town trying to find the final repulsor so as to fix the broken ones on the A-Wing.

The battle heated up on turn seven with Roxxy being taken out in hand to hand combat with the HQ ATST and fire support from the ATAT. The Acklay charged another ATST and did little to harm it's armor. The ATST made mince meat of the beast but not before the Reek charged in on turn eight taking out the ATST and following up with an ineffective charge into the ATAT's feet! The beast had balls you had to give it to him! Madison played him well. I told her that the Reek was very stubborn and liked to have his space. She kept telling everyone "This is my space!" and moving the Reek around the table.

Turns nine and ten had the ATAT taking out two buildings including the one where Faelan sent his scout biker completely destroying the factory and the Tuskin Raiders on top. The final Bothan made a last ditch attempt to sabotage the HQ ATST but his efforts were rewarded with a parting shot from the ATST that was taken out by Roxxy.

At the very end of turn eleven (you can't plan this) Madison rolled and found the repuslor just as the lead stormtrooper ATST closed in on the base having sent his scout biker into the factory to find the A-Wing. Just as Faelan found it the rebel commando snuck past and handed the repulsor to Luke with his dying words telling them to score one for Aaldarran.

It was down to the last roll of Initative and Madison won just in time as the three stormtroopers from the HQ ATST closed down on Luke just as he left hangar.  The ATAT got a parting shot but Luke junked out of the way! The Rebels scored a victory - but at a great cost. Both of my kids played very well.

Unknown to them I had hidden tiles under the buildings for their floor plans. They really liked the floor plans and I got lots of Daddy that's cools from them.

Tonight we played two rousing games - Shoots and Ladders and Princess and the Pea. The first game was won by my son Faelan who snuck in at the last minute to take the large ladder to victory! The second game was won by my youngest daughter Bailey who built up 10 matresses to my measly 5 and my kids 8 each. Great fun! I highly recommend playing games with your kids!

Faelan's Victory Smile!

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