Sunday, September 29, 2013

Star Wars - A New Boat - PT 1

Kiddos all ready for Star Wars!

 The kiddos and I played the Star Wars D20 Miniatures game this weekend. My eldest and youngest daughters Madison and Bailey played the Rebels and my son Faelan played the Empire. The game took place during the Rebellion Era between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. The setting was Tatoonie, Mos Eisley where the Rebels were constructing a new and improved A-Wing which was to be more maneuverable and faster in the trenches of the Death Star and up against the Star Destroyers.

Bailey plotting

Rebel Mission - Find two repuslors to replace those that blew out during your most recent test run of the A-Wing. Look to get supplied by the local merchants before the Empire locates your A-Wing. You are to try to work with the  natives including the pod racers to find what you need. Be careful and watch out for Gangsters who may be in the vicinity working for Jabba the Hutt.

Faelan Moves in blasting!
Empire Mission - Find and capture or destroy the A-Wing. You will have minimal support from the Star Destroyer battle group Omega which is orbiting overhead. Should you confirm a Rebel location send for backup and you will be well supplied.

Setup - I allowed Madison and Bailey to setup the town. We use those corrugated cardboard contianers and drink containers you can find almost anywhere. The containers do a good job representing shops, bars, bases etc. If you have not already seen my previous Hoth post you can see where I used the containers and some texture paint to make Echo Base.  The Rebels setup in the buildings with Madison and Bailey deciding which building housed the A-Wing and the Empire came in from the side with their three ATSTs groups.

The Rebel's Forces - Unit Tuskin Raiders, Unit Jawas (in Sandcrawler), two Bothian Spies, two Commandos, Roxxy the Rancor,  and Luke Skywalker Jedi Apprentice.

Initial Empire Setup.

The Empire's Forces -Three ATSTs each with driver and gunner, two scout bikes and one Imperial Stormtrooper Officer. Reinforcements - Anything from another ATST to an ATAT depending on supply roll.

"Have you seen any Rebels?"

The first turn had Rebel Commandos who were the only ones who were able to get the Repulsors moving quickly out of a building (the one that housed the A-Wing actually) and to the next shop to try to barter with the local Gamorian to get a repuslor. He was successful but not before the ATST saw and shot him, wounding him. The Commando made it to the pod racer upgrade store where he fired back on the ATST and scored a hit on a rear stabilizer.  Not wanting to take on the walker the Command remained in the shope for a few turns.

The second turn had the Bothan Spies setup bomb and thermal detonator attacks on the ATSTs which caused some damage but ended up attracting the attention of a scout bike and the double cannons of an ATST which destroyed one Bothan and took out the entire level of the building. The other Bothan, mourning the loss of his companion tossed a bomb at the walker and scored a hit causing it to lose a primary weapon and to suffer serious battle damage.

Tuskin Raiders!
Turn three and four had the main walker moved to the center to take up position between the two and sent his scout bike to investigate where the commando had moved. The scout biker was shot by another commando and a Rancor popped out on turn three and attacked the bike and the ATST! The Tuskin moved to a better position near the landspeeder factory across from the Cantina to get better shots at the Empire

Daddy plays Roxxy the Rancor!

Turn five the Jawas decided to move toward the building and trade with the Rebels but Luke was not able to negotiate a fair price and besides all the Jawas had was junk.  He said "What a piece of junk!" and the Jawas were attacked by the ATST! They fired back, however, dealing damage to the walker and causing the driver to be teased merciless about being beat up by a two footer! Bailey, who was playing the Jawas said "We beat you up. We beat you up!" I encouraged it telling him that he was the bad guy but would soon get those little guys!


Turn six had the biker crash into a building when it was knocked out by the Rancor. The Tuskins continued to fire upon the poor Empire Walkers (who let's be honest were really just doing their jobs). At this time the Empire had enough of knock and talk and began requesting additional support. He rolled a 20 on his supply roll! Within a few moments a massive drop ship landed a full sized ATAT! The Rebel alliance now scrambled to find the final repuslor before the massive behemoth made it into the secret base. It was then that an Ackalay and Reek were released into the main streets by a well meaning vendor. We will continue tonight.

Support has arrived!

As night wears on the ATAT prepares to assault Mos Eisley.

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