Sunday, September 8, 2013

Skulls and Shackles - The Wormwood Mutiny - Day Two - Four

Last Tuesday was our second game of Skulls and Shackles. The players continued their life learning how to be pirates on the seas of Golarian. They were able to start getting most of their equipment back from Grok, the Half Orc Quartermaster in exchange for presents. The cooksmate brought her some wine and some things from the kitchen while others brought her things from around the ship.

Spoiler Alert! Reading further will give away secrets of Skulls and Shackles AP!

The second day has the players being waylaid by allies of Mr. Plugg and the players had to do battle with four pirates including Chups and some of the nastier pirates on the ship. Well Chandra summoned a dog to help her fight, Alliah engaged in fist a cuffs aided by the muscular Andrik while Chompsky attempted to use his potions and his diplomatic skill to fight off the pirates. The morning bell had sounded and the party was already late. It was a three round fight in which the party took some damage but scared the pirates (and maybe made a permanent enemy in the process due to the dog biting this particular pirates' bum).

The third and fourth days were fairly calm with Andrik on rat catching duty, Chandra catching meals for the cook, Alliah up in the rigging on lookout and Chompsky a holystone roller on deck scrubbing the bulwarks. The days went on and the players did their day and night time activity in trying to rally the support of the crew against that of Mr. Plugg and his ilk.

The fifth day had some commotion as one of the pirates came rushing out of the decks below screaming about massive demon rats. The party was picked by Mr Plugg to go investigate the rats and to not come back until they or the rats were dead. Some exploration followed by close-quarters rat fighting ended with some injured toes, injured pride, and victorious players. The Indian of the Axe tribe Alliah Morning Tide tossed her dagger right into the head of one of the rats as it scurried up the side of the room and the Eidiolon of Chandra Dell was revealed among the thrashing of waves and crushing of rats.

I am loving this campaign!

I once again used the projector with the map. This is a great option for gaming. I highly recommend it.

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