Monday, September 23, 2013

Skulls and Shackles - Days 5-7

More of the same as the crew continued to do the pirate ship thing of rigging, swabbing and dealing with the unpleasantness of Mr. Plugg and his associates. The crew continued to show indifference to the players as they attempted to gather allies among those in the crew that they felt were trustworthy.

 Spoiler Alert!!!!

I won't say which day but one of the days the players are confronted by Mr. Plugg and associates and challenged to fight Owlbear Hartshorn, Mr. Plugg's pet simpleton.  He is a nasty hand to hand opponent but the players can get an advantage if they pay attention. Jess' character Andrick was chosen to fight the brute.

The coins were tossed with a nice chattering noise and applause by both groups.  Once the bag hit the ground the fight was on and after only a few seconds of being pummeled by the brute Andrick was quickly able to see his weakness and kept to one side without him causing further damage. This so enraged Mr. Plugg that even though he said no weapons in a very show of his true colors kind of manner he tossed a club to his champion.  Still the players did not take the bait and continued to fight with gusto and fairly against the brute. The battle was over within a few short rounds with the players winning the respect and friendship of Owlbear when they opted to stop fighting after he was down.  This further infuriated Mr. Plugg who now is firmly in the PC enemy camp along with Fipps Chumlett and several others.

The players gained both more respect and enmity from various crew members after that fight.

Highlights of the evening included a sea sick gnome, no rat duty for Andrick (that was a first!), bilge duty for Chompsky, an averted close encounter for Chandra and more time up in the rigging for Alliah.

The watchful eyes of the players caught the feel of the change of wind as the Wormwood left Jeopardy Bay and proceeded toward the known shipping lanes. Plunder, it seems was not far off, unfortunately as the rains get ever heavier it seems neither is one nasty storm.

We used the projector setup with miniatures and playmobil ships and once again I have to give it to my crew! What a great game by the players! I am very much enjoying this AP!

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