Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dragonlance Steampunk - The Dark Moon

Having visited the moon Lunatari and having been told that they need to seek out the pieces of the Eternity Puzzle, our party decides to visit the other moons in hopes that they could find pieces of the puzzle within their own crystal space. Little did they know that they would soon find themselves in Davlamar and the World Serpent Inn.

This game is a continuation of the players finishing Dragonlance steampunk which technically ended when they rescued the Lord of the Sylvanic Knights from the prison in Icereach. After they rescued the Lord they engaged their Telluric drive and discovered that not only was The Shenandoah a beautiful airship from the age of legends but also that the airship was a spelljammer and astraljammer!

Now in space above the planet of Krynn in the Phlogiston the party has decided to visit the other moon...

They landed hard on the moon, learning quickly that the moon's gravity was four times higher than Krynns. Luckily the party landed the ship on an abandoned landing ramp (Randy played a Plot Twist Card that helped them here and it worked very very well!).  After some relearning to walk and get around the party decided to look around and came to a lake which was occupied by giant dark tenticles. There was no light on the moon except that which they brought with them on their ship. Casting spells of light and flame the party decided to jump on their dragons and scout around where they had landed.

The dragons flew over a large city within a few miles of the Spelljammer. They were greeted at the gate by two strange looking guards in demon bird masks. The guards heckled the party especially the Irda (Xochil) and Kender (Kas) but also the elves and humans in the party. Their heckling was obviously something they enjoyed but Kas mentioned the powers of Lunatari and a magical flaming eyeball appeared.

"Who dares enter my domain?" the eyeball demanded. "We wish to barter" They exclaimed. "How did you get here? You are from Krynn?" The eye demanded to which the party lied. The eyeball grew hot and flame erupted which turned the party crispy and turned the guards to ash. Within moments the eye reappeared and allowed the party to enter. The eyeball looked up and the guards rose from the ashes as flaming phoenixes and continued to follow the party into the bazaar.

Once inside they began looking for shoes, clothes, weapons and magical crystals with which to add to their crystal slotted items (previous post). The weapon smith agreed to trade pure mithral if only the party would go to the Ignus Swamp and fight the Sisters of the Moon and get the piece of a box that "does the opposite of a sphere of annihilation." Sensing that they were on the right path they agreed to the mission.

They met several strange people and beings but the strangest was Joxx a doppleganger who delighted at changing shapes in front of them and calling them bashers. "You can crash through a portal but it is always better to have a key. Look for where the elements are changing. Like that brick meeting the mud below or that water meeting the land. You will not always find them but elemental portals are everywhere."

A deal was made. A key was purchased. "Check out the Wild Goose Inn." said Joxx. "How did you get here?" the party once again lied about their ship. "Be careful who you tell the truth." The man said and disappeared.

The group, having purchased several items of worth, now entered the Wild Goose where they were met a bartender who acted like he knew them. He was their friend. He had anything on tap that they asked including things that they made up. They were seated at a table and a green woman danced. Inside the tavern were all manner of strange creatures. The sign over the bar said "World Serpent Inn".

A pair of nude nymphs, one green one red was seen walking into a room. Their boots made lights dance around them. Delialih and Galandra both wanted those boots. Kas walked over to the door and opened the door only to be greeted by an impish creature "Yes?" the devil asked. "We want to talk with those ladies. Really want to know where they got those boots." "What will you do for me?" Kas handed him a strange golden object. "Will this do?" The devil put away the contract. "Yes" and tossed out the ladies. Their bodies were broken with the boots in one half of them and their upper torsos and other parts in the other half. The party took the boots and Deliliah's alignment changed to Chaotic Neutral from Chaotic Good at that instant as she slipped them away into her bag. After sometime they came to and the made deals with the party to serve them once for saving their lives.

At one point the players opened the door to the inn where they had entered and only saw space to the left ,right, in front of them and a massive bark wall behind them. It was as if they were floating in the stars.

Where had they gone? Where were they going? Where was the Shenandoah? That's when they saw this Jester approaching them, A smile on her face.

So begins the Eternity Puzzle with the first module - Tales of the Planes.

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