Monday, September 23, 2013

DM Advice - Pleasedness System of NPCs

In a recent thread over on OSG Julian my friend and compatriot (Can USA and OZ ever really be apart?) he asked if we used a system of tracking NPC loyalty.  To date there are many systems for doing such. I am allowing the players to keep track of the NPCs in the Skulls and Shackles game for instance whereas sometimes I go with tried and true. What's tried and true? Well it's simple and easy to remember.

I make crap up depending on my level of pleasedness (it's a word look it up) with my players. If my pleasedness is high then the loyalty of the henchmen is high, if my pleasedness is low then the loyalty of the henchmen is low. It's a very easy to remember system.

Today's DM help is basically do what works for you. If the system seems complicated and overdrawn it probably is.


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  2. Hey. That sounds an awful lot like my patented "Well if you don't want your followers to lose your $hit, then don't show up 45 minutes late EVERY week." system. :)