Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bones Painting

Picked up Gurps for 3.99 at my FLGS yesterday. I also picked up a rust monster, shaggoth, some nasty cthulhu beastie and a perfect figure for my wife's character in Skulls and Shackles - Alliah Morningtide.  I base coated my hydra green, three cthulhu beasties flesh, and Alliah brown. I gave both coc beasts a brown wash to bring out the flesh tones. Now I need to wait as they dry before I give them a second coat. I gotta say I am impressed with Bones in the way they hold paint without having to primer first.

Update: I have added a few details to the miniatures. Mel's archer character is coming along nicely. I used various shades of greens and browns to highlight using the lining technique. For the Cthulhu like miniatures I used the above mentioned wash along with browns, greens, reds, and white to bring out the eyes and mouths.

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