Sunday, September 15, 2013

Al Qadim - Welcome to Crab Island

After battling sharks and the dangers of the sea the Tiger's Eye finally makes port in Jazirat al-Qraidis and land in the small fishing village of Sams Bandar where they meet the local magistrate, an enlightened man named Najib. They spend the day there discussing hiring a boat and finally get Najib to offer them an older boat and a seasoned shrimper to take them to the the lagoon where ships never return.

The players ask around and learn that some say that the lagoon is inhabited by a great crab monster, a sea monster, a sea dragon, angry mermaids or that there is a mad wizard who casts flaming death from the mountains at any who enter his lagoon.

The players prepare to confront the natives but quickly learn that the intentions of the Hafami are not hostile. In fact, the chief Shafyia has come seeking aid to appease Kaaraka the crab god. He believes that he has been angered by the Garum, a group of ogres and orcs who live on a nearby island. The chief asks the party for help and threatens to burn the village if aid is not given.Luckily, the party determined to get the Great Treasure decided to help. So beings another part of their quest.

We are playing Golden Voyages.

I used the projector once again and some MBA buildings along with the Playmobil pirate ships.  The entire party leveled because they could have all been defeated by the fifty + raiding party of Chief Shafyia but instead took the better part of valor and decided to try diplomacy first.

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