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Starwatchers of Mourn - Chance Meeting

Starwatchers of Mourn - 22-23 Redwolf 3122- "Chance Meeting"

Black Lantern Dymariti Strongbow Reporting

The Mission
Behind them the smoldering house began to collapse and sirens went up around the area signaling fire brigades and the queue for the party to vacate.  As they left the burning manor house of Hoyden the party decided to take the long way back to The Emerald Club. Along the way they realized that they were being followed. As they turned a corner Kerris and Veetha decided to attempt to talk to their pursuers. 

Would it turn into a bloodbath or would the players be able to keep their wits against their would-be attackers?

After Action Report
Suddenly very aware that their pursuers were the large werewolf and a female werewolf the party decided that speaking to them would be a better course of action perhaps than fighting. "Hello?" They asked the rather large Olaran-looking man "Hello." he replied tersely "Have you seen my brother Hoyden?" Making a persuasion check they convinced the man that they had not seen him for some time. As the conversation turned to the responsibilities of the lower classes Kerris let slip "Some people just do not know their place my lord." to which Orag Yantar and his cousin were both very pleased.

They chatted up the pair for a time and even learned that they were only in town for a short time as the moon was getting full soon. Orag even offered that the party should be careful that they are not out too late the following day as it would be a difficult time for any that weren't already Shiehkehm.

Leaving the scene without a battle the party was well rewarded by me with benes.  They made it to Mal's father's alchemy shop wherein they were sat down and each given the opportunity to fight against the darkness. All of the party members chose to fight and decided that they could make a difference.

The rest of the game was spent making plans and visiting the Emerald Club and a place off Forlorn and Stone Ave. street called The Goldensquire Grogshop. Seeking information about the Red Store merchant and the would be location of their next meeting the party made plans for the following night which was to be a full night indeed.
Mal's Place

Important NPCs Encountered

Orag Yantar - A red-haired Olaran who appears to have been adopted into the Yantar family. The players believe that Orag is a werewolf. The truth may be much more frightening. Orag took a liking to the platitudes of Kerris but the future is not set in stone as to if he will prove to be ally or foe.

Goldensquire Grogshop

The Emerald Club

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