Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eternity Puzzle - The Singing Temple

We decided to keep playing Steampunk Dragonlance so I decided to use my Eternity Puzzle campaign I devised. The premise is that holes have opened in all the spheres including those that were closed like Krynn and Athas. This has allowed the great events that have been taking place with worlds colliding between my different campaigns.

The first story of the Chronicles of the Six and the World Stone led into Superdungeon and these other games. Now it seems they are all linked to each other by the cracking of the spheres acd twisting of time.

The party left Kyrnn and landed on Lunatari. The red moon. They visited The Singing Temple and learned from Lubataris avatar that they needed to find the 17 pieces of the Eternity Puzzle to close the gaps in eternity.

The Eternity Puzzle will be a collection of modules from Planescape, Spelljammer, OSG dnd like Tomb of Horrors etc. A complete listing is in the earlier thread. (will link later as I am on my phone posting).

We used the projection setup with Roll20. I loaded two sessions. One was as GM and that I kept on my screen. The second was a player session which I drug out over the projector and used. The great thing about the projector using the players screen is I could reveal the map as they explored.


The temple was protected by magma fountains that they got around using walls of ice. Exploring the temple of black walls and red veined bloodstone the echo of voices chanting reverberated throughout the rooms. Entering the Eternal Feasthall thet met Lunatari.

We spent much of the night learning how to maneuver the Shenandoah through the Phlogstin using the helm.

I look forward to this mashup of modules and systems in a steampunk spelljammer setting with Dragons.

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