Thursday, August 1, 2013

Al Qadim - Capt Black

This last Tuesday the Al Qadim party met Capt Black Tuesday. Capt Black liked the group. They agreed that they should sail with him to Elephant Island to get the Legendary Treasure so they could become Pearl Champions. Later that night they were attacked at the Inn only they weren't at that Inn. The players did the old switcharoo when they figured they were being tailed and it resulted in very surprised press gang from the Sun Trader's Guild who had been keeping an eye on the party ever since they arrived in Gana. A very surprised Sun Trader's Guild aided by Illusionists which summoned forth illusionary golems made of anchor chain. Twas a good game and it's getting me in the pirate persona! Fun was had by all!

Highlights of the game were the deadly arrows fired from the fourth floor of the Inn, the magic of the Bard and her ability to boost the party, taunting by Hassim and Fishknife's use of the shadowy power to knock out one of the members of the Sun Trader's Guild for questioning. Capt Black and Rosario's crew aided with their own crossbows and a ballista bolt that skewered one of the press gangers. The nearby town guard and patrons were so outnumbered however that the Inn smoldered even as the battle raged on. I am sensing a theme. Maybe I am attracting would-be pyromaniac adventurers?


  1. Whoa! That ship is awesome. What can you tell me about it?

  2. hey christian! it is a playmobil ship. bluebeard I believe.

  3. hey christian! it is a playmobil ship. bluebeard I believe.