Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Al Qadim - Aboard the Tiger's Eye - Day One

The adventuring group named themselves "The Society of the Sands" and took on the challenge to become the Pearl Champions. In so doing they hired the Xebec the Tiger's Eye under Capt Ali Black. The party spent some time in town purchasing needed goods and trading used and salvaged equipment and weapons from the field. The highlight of the evening was the end of the day when the lookouts of the crew spotted flotsam floating nearby the ship and a rowboat was dispatched to investigate. The rowboat was led by Tommy's character a half orc fighter.

I made them row the boat. For each success over 10 they got I moved them another square. The scale was one square is about 10 feet for the larger map and one square is 5 feet for the miniatures map.

On the way they encountered blue sharks. When one attacked because Red Claw put his hand in the water Red Claw decided he wanted to bite the shark. He critically hit the shark and bit the crap out of it! The shark was then torn apart by its compatriots in a frenzy.

As they approached the ship they detected that it had indeed been caught on the rocks and had been torn in half. The ship's cargo, gold, and crew lay scattered around the ship with a large pile of skeletons decorating the side of the rock and floating almost piled together in the water. Several massive tiger sharks and tens of black tip reef sharks surrounded the waters beneath the wreck. This would not be easy.

Carefully maneuvering their rowboat into position while the five crew that accompanied them shot into the water to distract the sharks the party successfully tied off the boat to the front of the ship. Then the acrobatics and climbing checks began as they attempted to scale the ropes and crawl onto the ship's deck. A surprise was waiting for them as the ship listed toward the direction they climbed as they reached the top and only because of their own dexterity and acrobatics were they able to hold onto the ship without falling into the drink.

The sharks liked the activity on the ship and responded to the dripping of coins into the water as the party members scraped piles of coin onto their rowboat and into the waiting jaws of the sharks beneath.

As the monk Red Claw swims toward the treasure chest balanced precociously at the stern of the ship several decks away and as Fishknife leaps from deck to deck in search of the gems on the rock we leave our group of heroes until next time... Suddenly the entire bulk of skeletons shift over several feet as if something massive had moved them. Everyone is deathly quiet as they wait and pray that it was just the current...

Once again we used my projector setup. I am really enjoying this setup! I played the Final Fantasy theme as they scored a victory by biting a shark. "I bite the shark" not something I have ever heard before! Then I played Jaws theme as they went around the ship trying to scrounge treasure.

With the exception of the one boat map above I pulled everything else as needed from Roll20. I used Roll20 in the window and moved browsers and photos over it as necessary. IT gaming rocks!

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