Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Superdungeon - The Final Battle with Errtu

All of your adventuring has led to this final battle. You have journeyed into the Basalt Temple to confront the Demon Lord Prince of the Mushroom Throne and Emperor of the Demon Empire of Blighted Amn. Brave heroes tonight you will be tested in brains and brawn in your final battle against the.dark forces that threaten your lands, your friends, your future, and your homes . May the gods of the Censure look upon you with kindness. Well met brave heroes! Well met!

Errtu on his Throne in Human Form

Errtu's Chambers

Chapel of the Basalt Temple (The Thirteen)

Edit... The party came.. saw.. and kicked lots of demon butt!

Jazelle YL Hall, Robert Hall, Daniel L Hollis, Jessica Hollis, Melanie Adams and Eric thanks so much for the great game! You broke into the Basalt Temple, interrupted the ceremony of The Thirteen, defeated Errtu's Lieutenant Galbarazu Kel-Shoran, his two most powerful archmages, The Thirteen, the RedHost (Guards), The Seven (The party of Tieflings), and his Second in Command a Balor named Kevlin and then to top it all off you took on the Prince of the Mushroom Throne himself, destroyed his throneroom and trashed his Chapel. Well Met! Great adventure guys! Thank you for the memories!

Here's a photo of Defeated Errtu before your mercy damage, magical bindings, dimension anchor (His soul is destroyed because you had that dimensional anchor on him and he couldn't have been sucked through the vortex!)  The lands of Amn and the Freelands are once again peaceful and free. Congratulations Heroes! You deserve a rest.

In two weeks get ready for pirate times matey on the high seas ye'll be testin' yer courage as well as yer wits. Be sure ta keep a keen eye out ta fer them pirates or ye might be walkin the plank!

End of Epic Campaign

...Feel free to post what your characters do in retirement...


  1. My players posted this on facebook. I am copying it here for posterity.


    Day one was 17May2011. Sigrid, the warrior maiden, and Tyne, the magess, met a dandy bard named Quailen outside a tavern. Together they joined their talents to aid a small hamlet named Fairhaven by ridding their mine of an evil presence.

    Many evils have been overcome since. Many trusted allies have fallen for the cause of good. Through it all, these three never broke trust or faith with those they chose to protect.

    The small hamlet of Fairhaven is now the central seat of power for the mighty Acyti Empire - Salvation of the nearly 1/4th of the continent. They Acyti Order lead the defense against the demonic hordes, held the wall when others fell, lead the charge beside the worlds gathered heroes, and the champions of the Acyti stood alone before the might of the Demon Lord Errtu.

    Today 11Jul2013 marked the end of a campaign rocked by the death-bellows of Errtu at the hands of an epic lot of dedicated heros....

    I want to thank Rob for a fantastic conclusion to a very exciting and involved campaign. He weaved together hints and foes from the earliest efforts of our characters to unveil a bit of a time, never allowing us to be sure we truly understood how vast the results of our efforts would run or if we were as successful as we hoped our efforts would be. We constantly had to simply act as our story required and have faith in our characters.

    The inclusion of a group of secondary characters added in the complexity of our main characters success depending on less powerful members of the Acyti to form the frame work of large and more important missions. Engaging in large scale battles with out high level characters was awesome, but Rob would mix in commentary of how our secondary characters influenced the battlefield or even came to our aid.

    I have RP'd in long running campaigns with Rob before and have enjoyed the ability to develop my characters and he deep involvement with the NPC's and regional/world effecting events... but I have to say that Rob out did himself with this Super Dungeon Campaign.

    Level 1 to level 20. Every experience along the way was epic.

  2. Special thanks to:
    Don, Megan was there during the campaigns formative start and her memory always granted strength.
    Jaz, Quailen proved bards might be great support, but they can step up and save the party time and again.
    Mel, Sigrid never wanted the burden of being a hero, but she could not resist a good fight and fight she did.
    Jess, Adrian never failed to come to the aid of another. He proved the pivotal key to success both in battle and in mercy.
    Eric, Sturdy, determined, and a mean SOB with a battleaxe - Ragnar could not have proven a more reliable companion.
    Dan, I've seen and played some mean archers, but you took the cake, and several heads, with yours.

    The fun and excitement of this campaign would not have been possible without each of you and the many who came from time to time to cameo. I look forward to our next event... less than savory pirates.... Yarrr!

  3. Overview and Closing

    The Shadow Council members were either killed or hiding at Fairhaven under the protection of the Acyti Order. They made Tyne a member of the Shadow Council when they asked for refuge at Fairhaven and for protection by the Acyti Order. The remaining provinces of Amn and much of Calimshan were either destroyed or threw in with the Acyti and/or the Acyti built networks of forts to prevent demonic occupation effectively laying claim to abandoned lands. Several regional groups signed the Acyti Charter creating an alliance effectively spanning hundreds of miles in directions to the East, West, and South. The lands of the fallen Baron Ravenclaw, inherited by Quailen, expanded the holdings far to the North.

    After the fall of Baron Ravenclaw, the people called on Quailen and Tyne to become King and Queen. They declined due to the wartime setting and opted to take on the leadership roles of Lord and Lady Marshal. Now that Errtu is defeated, that does not mean the demons all suddenly vanish. There are still great horrors and challenges that must be faced. Presuming the people still wish Quailen and Tyne to take on the role of King and Queen, they will step into that role now as rebuilders. The lands inherited, entrusted, or enjoined into the Acyti Alliance will be consolidated into the Fairhaven Protectorate.

    The Fairhaven Protectorate will be a transitional heading until the recovery is complete and all will fall under the influence of a reconstituted and expanded Kingdom of Amn, with Fairhaven as its capital city and those traditional institutions, nobility, and organizations that survived the demonic assaults will be encouraged to resume their roles. The Acyti Order will focus on maintaining order and training the forces of the new Kingdom of Amn and will later transition into a military/adventuring order.

    Adian will be asked to take on the role as Lord Marshal of the Amn military. Sigrid's role as a general within the Acyti wouldn't change unless she wanted to retire. There would be plenty of work to do and demonic butts still for her to kick. The dwarves would be provided the mountain lands promised under the Acyti Charter and there is little doubt Ragnar, a dwarf of renown, would be heralded as their leader.

    The giant tribes, orc tribes, and the scattered elven tribes who joined the alliance will find their agreements honored, lands set aside as promised with large buffers between them and others to help avoid confrontations. The vast numbers of non-combatants who came to Fairhaven for the promised training in new trades have spent these last four years perfecting their skills and are able to take on apprentices and get to work proving that tradesmen are the heart of a successful kingdom.

    At the post celebration announcements, Tyne will conclude detailing these steps by making the surprise announcement of the intention to add another heir, perhaps two, - hopefully in time to welcome the completed rebuilding and herald in the new Kingdom of Amn. "After all, Acytiphul once said he wished he could have a brother or sister. I think it would be wrong to deny a hero, such as him, something so easily granted."

  4. For Quailen in his dragon form the return to Fairhaven had seemed like a dream. So much of the land they passed had been changed forever. Still there were signs of hope. The Acyti armies cheered as they flew by, and soon the troops stared the long trek home. A farmer hooking up his horse to started plowing his small plot, a town rebuilding, merchants setting up a small fare to sell their wares, and yes far too many families burying their dead, too much of the land barren… empty. He took all of this in as they returned. While the battle with the demon had ended their duties were not finished.

    The two bronze dragons landed and everyone was glad to have their feet back on solid ground. Tyne was sliding off Quailen’s back when the bard reached his dragon arm around to help her down and suddenly she felt herself slip and the elf’s hands catch her as his form changed back.

    The bard smiled at her and simply said, “My Lady we are home.”

    She gave him a look that told him a sharp comment was forthcoming, but before she could speak they were swarmed by the cheering town folks and officials. Quailen was sure she was thinking that there would be time enough to get even with the bard -- later.

    He sighed and took the now all too familiar role of leadership. For the next several days daily life took over, orders were issued, plans made, and the rebuilding beyond just fortifications began. But to start the official celebrations were foremost. They all needed a point to remember and know that the horrors of the past several years were over.

    He saw very little of the others as each had duties that took up their time, even Acytiphul was busy. The dragon had found the center of attention in a position that was normally granted to Tyne. The new mages looked up to him for leadership. Tyne encouraged Acytiphul to take the role as head of the mage order that was forming in Fairhaven. The dragon took to it as if he had been born to the role as archmage.

    Quailen’s violin, staffs, and other bard items were hung up in his rooms for now forgotten. Only the blessed long sword that had killed Errtu stayed at his side. Then the day came for the week long celebrations of renewal. Many came from across the land to join in.

    Quailen knew Tyne had not been idle as she made several announcements. Most of them he knew about and had approved as had the new council. What they had started due to war would not fall apart instead it would blossom. Fairhaven was now the center of a growing kingdom it would never go back to the sleepy little village it had once been.


  5. The officials had asked Quailen and Tyne to serve the new Protectorate and later the renewed Kingdom of Amn as their sovereigns. This had been asked of them before during the war at the time they had agreed to instead taken the titles of Lord and Lady Marshal. With much thought and humility Quailen and Tyne had accepted.
    So the week long celebrations were not just that the war was over but also the crowning of the new King and Queen. Now was the time for new bright beginnings for all.
    As normal Tyne complained about her dress, the ceremony, having to sit so long as new officials were appointed, visitors paid homage, new treaties were signed, etc. Quailen was used to it all and often would tell her it was alright and soon would be over – for today. She would growl at him each time. Finally at one point Quailen suggested to her that she could slip out and visit the new garden while he delt with the court matters. She leaped at the offer and was quickly gone. During a few breaks he would glance out the window and see her with the unicorn talking or reading from one of her many magic books. After a while the court business would call him back and well the day passed on to evening.

    He was tired but happy that so much had been done so sitting down for the feast was well worth his time. Tyne appeared quiet refreshed and for once not complaining about her dress. In fact her dress looked rather nice on her this evening. He smile to her and she smiled back. This left him with a slightly uneasy feeling but he shrugged it off.

    Tyne stood up and made several announcements. Each one was well thought out and in keeping with all their plans. Tyne never like to speak publically and he was mildly surprised she was doing so well. That was until her last announcement. She made it just as he had reached over to take a sip of wine. He almost gagged.

    "After all, Acytiphul once said he wished he could have a brother or sister. I think it would be wrong to deny a hero, such as him, something so easily granted." Her words echoed in his ears.

    Several of the courtiers snickered as other cheered loudly at the last announcement. Quailen knew his face had paled and he quickly finished off his goblet of wine and held it out for another. Tyne sat down next to him smiling. He knew she had just gotten even with him.