Friday, July 26, 2013

Projector or LCD?

I have a problem I need help solving. I purchased both an LCD and a projector (both fairly cheap but the projector is 2500 lumens). I am trying to decide which one I would rather use. I believe I want to use the projector. I used the LCD for a previous game and while fun I found it limiting because I could neither put terrain on top of it other than the pcs minis and monsters or extend the size of the table. While it was fun it was also difficult moving everything around when the players moved. I used a 32" flat screen for this. It worked.

The reason I purchased a projector is because I want to use Dwarven Forge, MBA and the other terrain I have in addition to the tabletop projection. I checked and the projector appears to be strong enough to use with light and even gives off a good picture with lower light. We normally play in lower light anyway so that's not a problem for us.

Here's the changeup. We do not always game in the game room. As the game room is the garage it can get hot in there and it is summer in Florida so we do not game there right now. We sometimes game in the Diningroom where I setup two tables or we game in the livingroom also with two tables. What I need is a projector mount that I can either sit on top or across from the table that will project the image down onto the table. I have a few thoughts on this and here's where you guys come in, you wonderful old school geeks you.

Thought 1: Mount it on a stand that is hinged and will allow for the projector to shoot the beam from behind me at the gm area to the table. This projector does have a stretch feature that may allow this. I was thinking of a combination of wood and pvc for this.

Thought 2: Get three mounting kits that allow the projector to shoot straight down. Not sure of the cost of these. I'd mount one in the Diningroom, one in the Garage and one in the Livingroom. I'd also need a remote vga connector as the cords would be very long.

Thought 3: Put the projector behind but elevated to not shine in anyone's eyes. Shoot the beam at a mirror and then off another mirror (to flip the image back) onto the tabletop.

I am planning on using a white sheet as the tabletop. Thoughts?

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