Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kickstarter Question - Why do you back them?

How many kickstarters have you backed? What made you back them? I am looking for specifics please as I have a boargame that I am considering putting out there and am taking input from other gamers. I have backed Shaintar, Gaming Paper, Realmsound, Arcknight and Dwarven Forge. I wanted to get Vampire level in Rapier and even so much as hit it the second time (last chance) but had to back out of it and later out of Martian Empires. I also ran a kickstarter which was funded for the Hillbilly and Aliens miniatures for our miniature game It Came From Beyond the Still. The reasons I backed them were that they were different projects and seemed to fit within what I wanted as a game master. What are your experiences?

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