Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For Sale

For sale – 20mm Vietnam, 20mm Modern, 20mm African Bush War, WW2 Microarmor, Modern Microarmor, Epic, 15mm British Colonial, 15mm Timecast Buildings, 15mm JR Mini Building, 15mm MBA Desert and Industrial Buildings, FOW Buildings, 15mm Sci FI, 15mm Horror

If you are interested in any of this stuff let me know. I have tons of it and need money to go to Gencon as well as hopefully pay off my car for the year. Let me know. I have both painted and unpainted of all of the above miniatures and of course the buildings are all painted.

25mm Dixon Samauri and a fully painted sci fi army of liberation

15mm Ironclads and Heart of Oak scale Wooden Ships

I have a fully painted company of Lep 1 Germans, American Marines AMTRAC, American M2A2 TUSKS, Russian T90s, and a ton of Vietnam era stuff as well as unpainted from Modern and Post Modern Cold War (Vietnam) and Riverine

Epic stuff is pretty much the boxed set of Epic without the box, book, components or the Imperial Titan. I DO have several sets of the Epic buildings but they do not fold down and the orc town and one of the buildings are already built up on a nice base whereas the others are all separate.

15mm Painted colonials (nicely painted) including Zulu War British, Zulus, Boer, Germans (The germans are a little bigger probably more like 18mm).

15mm painted aliens – Rebel Minis – Grays (Several packs of both armed, unarmed and the big head grays), Tripods x4, big tripod x1. SOLD

15mm Painted WW1 including British and German troops.

15mm Blackcat Martian Empires Tripods x2, Steamtank, Walker (Round three legged one)

15mm Painted AWI (American Militia)

I have the following microarmor ww2 planes painted decent all in good shape: SOLD!
4 Hurricane
2 Mustang
2 Avengers
1 spitfire (I think)
2 Lightning
4 ME 109
2 ME 262
2 JU 88 Bombers
2 JU 86 Bombers


  1. l am interested in 20mm send me a list please..
    linnylou50 at aol dot com

  2. I am working on the list. I have posted my 15mm stuff to TMP.