Saturday, July 6, 2013

FLGS Hoth and Starships

Ran another game of Starwars Hoth using modified Warengine rules at FLGS today. Mark played the Rebels and Joel played the Empire. My son played some Empire and I played some Rebels. It was mostly Joel and Mark though because my son wanted to play starships. I used the Action Fleet Starwars ships for a fighter combat. The objectives of each side for the fighter game was simple to take out Vader or Luke. For the Hoth game it was to take out the base for the Empire or to destroy all the ATATs for the Rebels. I also used some really cool trench pieces I got. Check it out!

I am planning a big Starwars day at FLGS one day in the near future. I hope to get my buddies from the 501st down. My plan is to put on several games at once using the Warengine rules I have modified. The games are Starship combat, Hoth Battle, Tantoonie Battle, Pod Race, Hoth Milennum Falcon Escape Scene, Rancor versus Luke, Jabba's Final Moments on Tantoonie, New Republic Battle, Battle of Endor.

If I can get all of that together it will be fantastic! I already have most of the stuff for all of that.

Faelan beat me through some tactics but mostly dice rolling in two games as the Rebel starships and he beat this kid that came into the store when Faelan played the Empire. He's quite a little gamer!

The Rebels won against the Empire on Hoth.. but only just. Mark had a great time tossing around firepower at the ATATs and Joel did likewise with the awesome firepower of the ATATs and the Force Push ability of Vader - Snowspeeders into each other.

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  1. If anyone has some of those armorcast resin trench piece they are not using anymore and is willing to part with them for free/cheap or whatever I am interested. We need another section of Trench for Hoth and one for Endor/Tantoonie.