Wednesday, July 17, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day Two - Five

I missed a few days apparently. Wow time flies by!

Day 2 - My favorite playable race is the elf. Sorry guys. The elf has all the really cool dexterity abilities that other races have plus they live a long time, have magic and are kind of haughty. You can play an elf and be a xenophobe and no one second guesses your character. An elf also has old knowledge about things and they are very versatile. My second favored race is the Dwarf cause he's tough and when I get tired of elves I play orcs. Nothing beats the history of the Dwarves. Fighting orcs and underground races and living underground in massive caverns.

Day 3 - My favorite playable class is the ranger/bard. I like the combination. I enjoy archery too though so another great class is the archer archetype from the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide. The bard can regal characters and is a leader type like me as well as aid them with song and enhance their abilities. The ranger has woodland knowledge, gets around fine in the forest and outdoors and has a keen insight for animals. The class combo is a no brainer for me.  I also enjoy the mentalist classes like enchanters and psionic mentalists.

Day 4 - This is actually a very hard one. I enjoy Shaintar. The world is full of all kinds of epic goodness. I also really enjoy Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft both for different reasons. The game world of Faerun is well detailed and seems like a living breathing world. Ravenloft has dark sinister atmosphere that I like and the novels are quite good to read. Also Darksun because well it's Darksun.

Day 5 - I do not have a favorite set of dice or individual dice. I am a gamer. I love dice.

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