Sunday, July 14, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day One

Day One - How I got Started
My father got me into gaming when I was about seven years old so I come into gaming naturally.  My dad played American Civil War back then and then got into Microarmor a short time later. After a while he was playing all kinds of historical games. We both enjoyed history but my favorite was when he'd read us made up stories about "Squire and his horse Nag" while holding the Similarion. Obviously to a kid these are funny stories, they weren't really in the book btw.

Then one day at a convention I was about nine and my dad was playing American Civil War (Johnny Reb) and John Bullenger was running AD&D. I asked if I could join in. John was about twelve or so and the DM. I rolled up my character, an elf rogue and promptly got into character (as best as a nine year old can). Our mission was to get into the town and find out who stole something from some noble guy. I cannot remember all the particulars but I do remember it was a quick game. Our party decided that as the rogue I would need to sneak past the guards at the manor house and break into the place and let them in. Well I jumped over the wall, crept into the garden area and there was promptly greeted by their pet, a giant squirrel named Fuzzy. Fuzzy kicked my 1st level elven rogue butt (Aka ate him). I cannot remember his name or more than that but I do remember immediately laughing, rolling up a new character, and playing well into the night.

After this first game I was hooked and never really looked back. I started collecting books and games, got into GW like many kids did although that phase mostly just got me into the Tyranids. I started getting friends who enjoyed computer and console games (see atari) and other computer game consoles around the time (We had an Atari 400 and later an 800 for those of you who know that computer) together to play. I was the GM. These first games were simple affairs with me completely stealing whatever from the cartoons, movies or shows we had watched and mixing it up with other fun ideas.

Later, as I matured and learned how twisted our world is, how far it has really fallen and how there really are monsters, my games took a dramatic twist for the dark. I got into Vampire and playing AD&D 2nd Edition - later 3.0. I really enjoy the hobby as it allows me to explore various fantastic realms and be a hero. As a GM I get to be a villain and a hero as well as to weave a story. I think I was born a writer and a teller of tales (bard some say though I cannot sing a lick but often do anyway much to the chagrin of players) and so like I've said in the previous posts I was born to game.

I started gaming because it was something I enjoyed doing with my dad. I love history and science fiction. I started gaming rpgs because it was inevitable.

Happy Gaming! I hope that squirrel choked on my dagger.

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