Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ceramic Gnome Zombies - Gnombies

We are working hard at a new game. A game about ceramic gnome zombies set to a theme of turn of the century New York Immigration Gang wars.  I give you - Gnombies (A teaser).

Formerly ordinary ceramic backyard gnomes, Gnombies are flesh eating versions of your favorite traveling diminutive mythical fairy creatures that were transformed though the process of gnombification. A gnome zombie is truly a force to be reckoning with – if you are another gnome zombie. Unfortunately for Gnombies, they still suffer from maximum height restrictions and are unable to get into the big leagues of prime-time zombie action. So now regulated to their respective backyards and neighborhoods they plot to eat your family pets and whatever else they can get their little carnivorous teeth on. Once cheerful little fellows that would greet your guests and liven your garden, now they are an unstoppable force of evil hell-bent on devouring Fluffums.


Players build their gnombie factions depending on the Gnombification method chosen. Players may choose from the methods listed below and are encouraged to come up with a fun creation story for their group.

Sinister – Whether through evil rituals, farm incantations, malicious evil glue that was placed there by the dark overlord, a nasty cloud with a hangover or any other method someone created your Gnombies on purpose. Your faction always sets up last as a result and gets one additional planning die during the planning phase.

Accidental – This Gnombie faction has been created through sheer dumb luck, someone tripping up and reading the Necrognomebicon, or a full sized zombie was killed in the garden. Due to the fact that they were accidents the Gnombies in this faction may each make a reroll once per game when making shatter checks to see if they are destroyed.

----intentionally cut----


All Gnombies have the hunger. Being a corpse is very tiring work and it makes one very hungry. Anytime a gnombie moves, attacks, uses Dim or stands still they get one (or more if specifically indicated) hunger tokens. As a general rule, even doing nothing earns a Gnombie one hunger token. Whenever a gnombie reaches fifteen hunger tokens they are considered to be frenzied and will always attack the closest thing until they are fed. See feeding below.


To negate the hunger a Gnombie needs to eat and eat and eat. Each turn that a Gnombie does something they need to eat to negate a hunger token. To feed a Gnombie needs to be in base-to-base contact with any living creature or another Gnombie. Oh yes Gnombies are cannibals.

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