Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Announcing New Partnership with RGG

Rob Adams of Dastardly Designed Games is excited to join the table of Rob Davis and Rob’s Game Group.  Adams looks forward to seeing his company’s games featured on the podcast. “Their experienced group will run our stuff though the gauntlet!  Rob Davis is crazy but he is my kind of crazy!”

Dastardly Designed Games is the producer of the miniatures games When The Navy Walked and It Came From Beyond the Still (Hillbillies vs. Aliens) and Rob’s Game Group is a podcast that broadcasts live game sessions as well as game reviews.  Rob Adams of DDG announced the partnership over the weekend, stating Rob’s Game Group will run DDG’s games and in exchange Adam’s will promote the podcast.

Dastardly Designed Games launched under a different company name in 2011 with its publication of the When The Navy Walked core rulebook.  The company’s second game, It Came From Beyond the Still went into publication in pdf form late that year and now features four rule books, available from Wargame Vault.  Early in 2013 the company changed names, becoming Dastardly Designed Games.

Rob’s Game Group podcasts gaming sessions live, most recently airing their exploits while playing the old standby Dungeons & Dragons on June 28th.  The podcast, in it’s brief history, has enjoyed nearly 20,000 views and has well over 200 hundred followers.  Rob’s Game Group is on Facebook and the podcasts can be found here.

The Game Group has been together for seven years, but has been broadcasting for the past four months.  New episodes are made available on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 p.m. until 1 to 2 a.m.

Adams, who operates Dastardly Designed Games out of Jacksonville, Fla., also runs his own blog, which features after action reports, game reviews, GM tips and audio podcasts of the games he runs.

-Mike Williams, BYAG

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