Thursday, July 4, 2013

Al Qadim - Ruins of the Catfolk

Seeking adventure and wanting to be named "Pearl Warden of Gana" the party headed off toward the Pearl Kingdoms to the south to participate in the Pearl Competition. The Pearl Competition is at the end of the Pearl season when people from all over the world bring Yufef the Just - Sultan of Gana, a gift. These gifts are presented to sultan and he makes the choice as to who presents the most exotic or magical gift. Whoever wins is awareded special title for the year and given riches and rewards beyond their dreams.

So the party, finding a trail map in the barn of the old house, decide to follow it to an old Quarr (Fort) and search for hidden riches. While there they cross paths with a giant millipede and a talking skull pendant. Believing the skull pendant has magical properties they put it on and are able to see things clearly. Or so they think.

They are in the laid of the Predator Goddess of Wereleapords only time will tell if they will return to Gana as champions and given honor and glory for their families and tribes or join the dead of the fortress tomb.

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