Thursday, July 18, 2013

15mm Vietnam Custom and Marketplace Terrain

I have the following painted terrain for sale.

Lot 1
Vietnam Timecast – $220USD (usually 270 painted)
Siagon Bar
Apartment Building
HQ Bunker with Sandbags
Gas Station
Hootch x4

Lot 2 – Peter Pig $30USD
Hootch x3
Custom Bridge

Lot 3 – Firebase / Prison Custom – 100
Custom Towers x3
Custom Hootches x3
Airfix Jungle Building
Concentrina Wire x36 stands
Fence x12 stands

Lot 4 – Custom Terrain – $100USD
Custom Paddy Fields x4
Custom Pig Pens x2
Custom VC Bunkers x3
Custom Corrals x3

Lot 5 – Itari Workshop – $45USD
Itari Sandbag Bunkers x2



  1. Do you have any of the above still available? I am specifically asking about the pig pens, custom hooches, and paddy fields.