Friday, July 26, 2013

Starwatchers of Mourn - Justice and Life Campaign

Looking for 5-6 players:
In the dark streets of Mourn, under the very noses of the undead overlords a group of like-minded heroes meet in secret ready to stand against the darkness and bring light back to the lands of Shaya'nor. The Starwatchers stand to fight against the darkness but they must be careful for the darkness is all around them and it does not play fair. Do you have what it takes to work from the shadows? If so join the Justice and Life campaign and be a Starwatcher in Shaya'nor. The Light will return! Biweekly Wednesday nights approx from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm EST using Roll20.

Projector or LCD?

I have a problem I need help solving. I purchased both an LCD and a projector (both fairly cheap but the projector is 2500 lumens). I am trying to decide which one I would rather use. I believe I want to use the projector. I used the LCD for a previous game and while fun I found it limiting because I could neither put terrain on top of it other than the pcs minis and monsters or extend the size of the table. While it was fun it was also difficult moving everything around when the players moved. I used a 32" flat screen for this. It worked.

The reason I purchased a projector is because I want to use Dwarven Forge, MBA and the other terrain I have in addition to the tabletop projection. I checked and the projector appears to be strong enough to use with light and even gives off a good picture with lower light. We normally play in lower light anyway so that's not a problem for us.

Here's the changeup. We do not always game in the game room. As the game room is the garage it can get hot in there and it is summer in Florida so we do not game there right now. We sometimes game in the Diningroom where I setup two tables or we game in the livingroom also with two tables. What I need is a projector mount that I can either sit on top or across from the table that will project the image down onto the table. I have a few thoughts on this and here's where you guys come in, you wonderful old school geeks you.

Thought 1: Mount it on a stand that is hinged and will allow for the projector to shoot the beam from behind me at the gm area to the table. This projector does have a stretch feature that may allow this. I was thinking of a combination of wood and pvc for this.

Thought 2: Get three mounting kits that allow the projector to shoot straight down. Not sure of the cost of these. I'd mount one in the Diningroom, one in the Garage and one in the Livingroom. I'd also need a remote vga connector as the cords would be very long.

Thought 3: Put the projector behind but elevated to not shine in anyone's eyes. Shoot the beam at a mirror and then off another mirror (to flip the image back) onto the tabletop.

I am planning on using a white sheet as the tabletop. Thoughts?

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I will be putting together a water world type set soon. I will keep everyone posted. Will be using some basic materials that anyone can get and some woodland scenic. I have a youtube channel where I will post it. See you soon!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Justice and Life

We will be starting a justice and life campaign set in Shaintar. This is a living campaign. I plan on running using Roll20 biweekly Wednesdays. If you are interested let me know.

I am also using Roll20 for our home game for skulls and shackles which starts in a few weeks.

My wife is currently in surgery so thank you to those who picked up those items from us.

Thank you friends and family for your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

15mm WW1

Lot 1 – German Cav – x40 figures – $60USD

Lot 2 – Minifig – $80USD
Minifig German – x24 figures
Minifig US – x24 Americans
Minifig American Machinegun stands x12 figures

Lot 3 – Russians – x147 figures – $150USD

Lot 4 – Vehicles – $40USD
Mark Tanks x3
Tractors x2


Battlefield Evo

I have the following Battlefield Evo stuff for sale.

Shadow Tanks x3 (as original package)
Soviet Tank
Western ATV
15 MEA Infantry

I would like $80USD for the lot.


15mm Vietnam Custom and Marketplace Terrain

I have the following painted terrain for sale.

Lot 1
Vietnam Timecast – $220USD (usually 270 painted)
Siagon Bar
Apartment Building
HQ Bunker with Sandbags
Gas Station
Hootch x4

Lot 2 – Peter Pig $30USD
Hootch x3
Custom Bridge

Lot 3 – Firebase / Prison Custom – 100
Custom Towers x3
Custom Hootches x3
Airfix Jungle Building
Concentrina Wire x36 stands
Fence x12 stands

Lot 4 – Custom Terrain – $100USD
Custom Paddy Fields x4
Custom Pig Pens x2
Custom VC Bunkers x3
Custom Corrals x3

Lot 5 – Itari Workshop – $45USD
Itari Sandbag Bunkers x2


15mm VSF

I have the following painted VSF for sale.

Lot 1
American War of Independence Militia – x60 figures – $50USD

Lot 2
Greeks Painted as Atlantians – x49 figures – $40USD

Lot 3
Gray Aliens 15mm UK w/two UFOs – x33 figures – $50USD

Lot 4
Greeks painted as Red Martians – x48 – $40USD


15mm Colonials for sale

I have the following painted colonials for sale.
Colonial African/Sudan
Lot 1
British Lot – $150USD
British Line Infantry – 114 figures  inc officers and 2 dead
Gatling Gun x2 (no crew)
Scottish Guard x25 figures
Blue and White Sailors x11 figures
Egyptian in Fez – x48 figures

Lot 2
Boers – x80 figures – $100USD

Lot 3
Zulu Impis – x80 figures – $100USD

Lot 4
German Seebattalion – x79 figures – $100USD

Lot 5
Custom Dennys Cup German Blimp (VSF/Colonial) – $25USD


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pathfinder Benes

Many GMs like Action Points, Hero Points, Benes, Fudge whatever to give the players and their villains an edge to the other 'extras' and 'minions' in the game. We use white, blue and red poker chips. I give one white one to each character for every three levels they have, one blue for every five levels and one red chip per game. I award villains chips as well and they can use them for their minions etc. Throughout the game the players can get more so spending them is a good thing. 

I started using hero points like benes in savage worlds. A white one spent before the roll gives you a +8 on 1d20 and +4 if spent after the roll. Two white ones spent will recall up to a single third level spell. A blue chip lets you reroll any die and also can be used to recall up to 5th level spells. A red chip lets you reroll any die or sets of dice (damage for instance), make me reroll anything (I started rolling in front of the players), nominate a player for a bene (any level lower than this one) or make a fate roll. Fate roll is specifically for Al Qadim and involves the plot cards and percentage dice roll compared to the character's current favor with the genie. So far I have ran the benes in all games including the final with errtu and they have all worked very well. The players can also take hero point feats but those feats only apply to the white 'hero points'.

They keep the best roll on all rerolls not just the last one rolled. They can never use any bene to 'stave off death' which is contrary to the Hero Point rules in the RAW but I care not. I have seen that used and abused too many times.

I am also thinking of letting them spend a blue one to get a health roll (second wind kinda) where they roll their HD and recover that many hits with only Con bonuses (not penalties) applying.

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day Two - Five

I missed a few days apparently. Wow time flies by!

Day 2 - My favorite playable race is the elf. Sorry guys. The elf has all the really cool dexterity abilities that other races have plus they live a long time, have magic and are kind of haughty. You can play an elf and be a xenophobe and no one second guesses your character. An elf also has old knowledge about things and they are very versatile. My second favored race is the Dwarf cause he's tough and when I get tired of elves I play orcs. Nothing beats the history of the Dwarves. Fighting orcs and underground races and living underground in massive caverns.

Day 3 - My favorite playable class is the ranger/bard. I like the combination. I enjoy archery too though so another great class is the archer archetype from the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide. The bard can regal characters and is a leader type like me as well as aid them with song and enhance their abilities. The ranger has woodland knowledge, gets around fine in the forest and outdoors and has a keen insight for animals. The class combo is a no brainer for me.  I also enjoy the mentalist classes like enchanters and psionic mentalists.

Day 4 - This is actually a very hard one. I enjoy Shaintar. The world is full of all kinds of epic goodness. I also really enjoy Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft both for different reasons. The game world of Faerun is well detailed and seems like a living breathing world. Ravenloft has dark sinister atmosphere that I like and the novels are quite good to read. Also Darksun because well it's Darksun.

Day 5 - I do not have a favorite set of dice or individual dice. I am a gamer. I love dice.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For Sale

For sale – 20mm Vietnam, 20mm Modern, 20mm African Bush War, WW2 Microarmor, Modern Microarmor, Epic, 15mm British Colonial, 15mm Timecast Buildings, 15mm JR Mini Building, 15mm MBA Desert and Industrial Buildings, FOW Buildings, 15mm Sci FI, 15mm Horror

If you are interested in any of this stuff let me know. I have tons of it and need money to go to Gencon as well as hopefully pay off my car for the year. Let me know. I have both painted and unpainted of all of the above miniatures and of course the buildings are all painted.

25mm Dixon Samauri and a fully painted sci fi army of liberation

15mm Ironclads and Heart of Oak scale Wooden Ships

I have a fully painted company of Lep 1 Germans, American Marines AMTRAC, American M2A2 TUSKS, Russian T90s, and a ton of Vietnam era stuff as well as unpainted from Modern and Post Modern Cold War (Vietnam) and Riverine

Epic stuff is pretty much the boxed set of Epic without the box, book, components or the Imperial Titan. I DO have several sets of the Epic buildings but they do not fold down and the orc town and one of the buildings are already built up on a nice base whereas the others are all separate.

15mm Painted colonials (nicely painted) including Zulu War British, Zulus, Boer, Germans (The germans are a little bigger probably more like 18mm).

15mm painted aliens – Rebel Minis – Grays (Several packs of both armed, unarmed and the big head grays), Tripods x4, big tripod x1. SOLD

15mm Painted WW1 including British and German troops.

15mm Blackcat Martian Empires Tripods x2, Steamtank, Walker (Round three legged one)

15mm Painted AWI (American Militia)

I have the following microarmor ww2 planes painted decent all in good shape: SOLD!
4 Hurricane
2 Mustang
2 Avengers
1 spitfire (I think)
2 Lightning
4 ME 109
2 ME 262
2 JU 88 Bombers
2 JU 86 Bombers

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Size DOES Matter

Kaladrix Reborn next to D&D Black Dragon Gargantuan Miniature!

Orc of Constant Sorrow

I am a orc of constant sorrow
I've caused much trouble all my day.
I bid farewell to the old lair
The place where I was hatched and raised.
(The place where he was hatched and raised)

For six adventurers they are in trouble
No treasures here in the underground
For in this room I'm setting an ambush
They have no friends to help them now.

[chorus] They have no friends to help them now

It's fare thee well ya bastard fighter
Your rogue never saw that arrow trap
It was made by my buddy Scaletoad
Perhaps you’ll die upon this spear.

[chorus] Perhaps he'll die upon this spear.

I will toss you in to the meatpot
For many days your meat will stew
Then I’ll add some pepper
Just wait until you fail your save.

[chorus] Just wait until you fail your save.

Maybe your friends think I'm just a minion
My face you'll never see no more.
But there is one promise that is given
Your body will stew and that’s for sure.

[chorus] We’ll eat your party and that’s for sure.

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day One

Day One - How I got Started
My father got me into gaming when I was about seven years old so I come into gaming naturally.  My dad played American Civil War back then and then got into Microarmor a short time later. After a while he was playing all kinds of historical games. We both enjoyed history but my favorite was when he'd read us made up stories about "Squire and his horse Nag" while holding the Similarion. Obviously to a kid these are funny stories, they weren't really in the book btw.

Then one day at a convention I was about nine and my dad was playing American Civil War (Johnny Reb) and John Bullenger was running AD&D. I asked if I could join in. John was about twelve or so and the DM. I rolled up my character, an elf rogue and promptly got into character (as best as a nine year old can). Our mission was to get into the town and find out who stole something from some noble guy. I cannot remember all the particulars but I do remember it was a quick game. Our party decided that as the rogue I would need to sneak past the guards at the manor house and break into the place and let them in. Well I jumped over the wall, crept into the garden area and there was promptly greeted by their pet, a giant squirrel named Fuzzy. Fuzzy kicked my 1st level elven rogue butt (Aka ate him). I cannot remember his name or more than that but I do remember immediately laughing, rolling up a new character, and playing well into the night.

After this first game I was hooked and never really looked back. I started collecting books and games, got into GW like many kids did although that phase mostly just got me into the Tyranids. I started getting friends who enjoyed computer and console games (see atari) and other computer game consoles around the time (We had an Atari 400 and later an 800 for those of you who know that computer) together to play. I was the GM. These first games were simple affairs with me completely stealing whatever from the cartoons, movies or shows we had watched and mixing it up with other fun ideas.

Later, as I matured and learned how twisted our world is, how far it has really fallen and how there really are monsters, my games took a dramatic twist for the dark. I got into Vampire and playing AD&D 2nd Edition - later 3.0. I really enjoy the hobby as it allows me to explore various fantastic realms and be a hero. As a GM I get to be a villain and a hero as well as to weave a story. I think I was born a writer and a teller of tales (bard some say though I cannot sing a lick but often do anyway much to the chagrin of players) and so like I've said in the previous posts I was born to game.

I started gaming because it was something I enjoyed doing with my dad. I love history and science fiction. I started gaming rpgs because it was inevitable.

Happy Gaming! I hope that squirrel choked on my dagger.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kickstarter Question - Why do you back them?

How many kickstarters have you backed? What made you back them? I am looking for specifics please as I have a boargame that I am considering putting out there and am taking input from other gamers. I have backed Shaintar, Gaming Paper, Realmsound, Arcknight and Dwarven Forge. I wanted to get Vampire level in Rapier and even so much as hit it the second time (last chance) but had to back out of it and later out of Martian Empires. I also ran a kickstarter which was funded for the Hillbilly and Aliens miniatures for our miniature game It Came From Beyond the Still. The reasons I backed them were that they were different projects and seemed to fit within what I wanted as a game master. What are your experiences?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dragonlance Steampunk - Jailbreak!

Audio podcast of tonight's Dragonlance Steampunk game. The party broke into Tagash prison in Icereach and broke out their friends! Great job guys! Lots of fun! They were very clever! I will not spoil it but they did get a cool map that allowed them to see into the prison without the prison knowing they were doing it.

Warning Adult Content!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Superdungeon - The Final Battle with Errtu

All of your adventuring has led to this final battle. You have journeyed into the Basalt Temple to confront the Demon Lord Prince of the Mushroom Throne and Emperor of the Demon Empire of Blighted Amn. Brave heroes tonight you will be tested in brains and brawn in your final battle against the.dark forces that threaten your lands, your friends, your future, and your homes . May the gods of the Censure look upon you with kindness. Well met brave heroes! Well met!

Errtu on his Throne in Human Form

Errtu's Chambers

Chapel of the Basalt Temple (The Thirteen)

Edit... The party came.. saw.. and kicked lots of demon butt!

Jazelle YL Hall, Robert Hall, Daniel L Hollis, Jessica Hollis, Melanie Adams and Eric thanks so much for the great game! You broke into the Basalt Temple, interrupted the ceremony of The Thirteen, defeated Errtu's Lieutenant Galbarazu Kel-Shoran, his two most powerful archmages, The Thirteen, the RedHost (Guards), The Seven (The party of Tieflings), and his Second in Command a Balor named Kevlin and then to top it all off you took on the Prince of the Mushroom Throne himself, destroyed his throneroom and trashed his Chapel. Well Met! Great adventure guys! Thank you for the memories!

Here's a photo of Defeated Errtu before your mercy damage, magical bindings, dimension anchor (His soul is destroyed because you had that dimensional anchor on him and he couldn't have been sucked through the vortex!)  The lands of Amn and the Freelands are once again peaceful and free. Congratulations Heroes! You deserve a rest.

In two weeks get ready for pirate times matey on the high seas ye'll be testin' yer courage as well as yer wits. Be sure ta keep a keen eye out ta fer them pirates or ye might be walkin the plank!

End of Epic Campaign

...Feel free to post what your characters do in retirement...

Monday, July 8, 2013

GM Advice - Christian DMs

Jesus probably roleplays. He told stories in parables. Unless you are worshipping your miniature of Cthulhu that you got from your Bones Kickstarter (Got another one btw? I LOVE that guy!) and you aren't planning on actually casting spells from your Player's Handbook (Does not work) and you aren't planning on actually going on an adventure (the workplace looks down on wearing chainmail and swords but is strangely OK with ducttape) then you are probably OK with being a Christian and a gamer.

I am paraphrasing "Let each use his gifts..." Well mine is storytelling, roleplaying, kicking monster butt, telling tales, participating in legends and righting the wrongs done. I roll dice, move toys around the table, laugh at bad jokes (and good jokes), poke fun at guys who poke fun at me (usually they watch sports and are so in their team where I am actually playing a hero), and generally enjoy the hobby.

Social skills, math, problem solving, tactics, roleplaying, etiquette, hygiene (some gamers haven't figured this out yet), storytelling, improv acting, writing, creative inspiration, history, reading, humor and good clean fun are all taught in the roleplaying (and in general gaming) hobby.

I roleplay because it's who God made me to be.

Where's the DM Advice? The DM advice is quite simply to enjoy being yourself. Have fun with your game. You are expected to know much but not all. If you let your players run all over you that's your fault. Try to work with them. Create a story together! Together you can create something legendary.


Edit.. much has changed in my life. I walk a different path now. Jesus probably has a Playstation 7.

Schulle-Kralle - Bloodsoother and Warrior of the Goblinesh

"I will protect my people from any who would harm them. I will dedicate my body and my strength to fighting tyranny in all its forms. Both the Way and the mysteries of Life are my weapons. Equally so are Darkness and Flame my enemies. My martial powers, gifts of Life and my mind are my tools. With these tools I will ensure justice and peace for my people no matter the personal cost. I am a Bloodsoother. I am a warrior of Life and of the Way. I am an Officer of the Silver Unicorn and a warrior for my people. I am Schulle-Kralle and I am the Spirit of the Wolf."

Saturday, July 6, 2013

FLGS Hoth and Starships

Ran another game of Starwars Hoth using modified Warengine rules at FLGS today. Mark played the Rebels and Joel played the Empire. My son played some Empire and I played some Rebels. It was mostly Joel and Mark though because my son wanted to play starships. I used the Action Fleet Starwars ships for a fighter combat. The objectives of each side for the fighter game was simple to take out Vader or Luke. For the Hoth game it was to take out the base for the Empire or to destroy all the ATATs for the Rebels. I also used some really cool trench pieces I got. Check it out!

I am planning a big Starwars day at FLGS one day in the near future. I hope to get my buddies from the 501st down. My plan is to put on several games at once using the Warengine rules I have modified. The games are Starship combat, Hoth Battle, Tantoonie Battle, Pod Race, Hoth Milennum Falcon Escape Scene, Rancor versus Luke, Jabba's Final Moments on Tantoonie, New Republic Battle, Battle of Endor.

If I can get all of that together it will be fantastic! I already have most of the stuff for all of that.

Faelan beat me through some tactics but mostly dice rolling in two games as the Rebel starships and he beat this kid that came into the store when Faelan played the Empire. He's quite a little gamer!

The Rebels won against the Empire on Hoth.. but only just. Mark had a great time tossing around firepower at the ATATs and Joel did likewise with the awesome firepower of the ATATs and the Force Push ability of Vader - Snowspeeders into each other.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Audio Podcasts

We have a number of new followers and I wanted to remind everyone that is already here that we do audio podcasts of our games periodically. The audio is uploaded to We currently have Chronicles of the Six, Against the Storm, Call of Cthulhu, Al Qadim and others! Click on the Steampunk Radio to hear our podcasts!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Al Qadim - Ruins of the Catfolk

Seeking adventure and wanting to be named "Pearl Warden of Gana" the party headed off toward the Pearl Kingdoms to the south to participate in the Pearl Competition. The Pearl Competition is at the end of the Pearl season when people from all over the world bring Yufef the Just - Sultan of Gana, a gift. These gifts are presented to sultan and he makes the choice as to who presents the most exotic or magical gift. Whoever wins is awareded special title for the year and given riches and rewards beyond their dreams.

So the party, finding a trail map in the barn of the old house, decide to follow it to an old Quarr (Fort) and search for hidden riches. While there they cross paths with a giant millipede and a talking skull pendant. Believing the skull pendant has magical properties they put it on and are able to see things clearly. Or so they think.

They are in the laid of the Predator Goddess of Wereleapords only time will tell if they will return to Gana as champions and given honor and glory for their families and tribes or join the dead of the fortress tomb.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ceramic Gnome Zombies - Gnombies

We are working hard at a new game. A game about ceramic gnome zombies set to a theme of turn of the century New York Immigration Gang wars.  I give you - Gnombies (A teaser).

Formerly ordinary ceramic backyard gnomes, Gnombies are flesh eating versions of your favorite traveling diminutive mythical fairy creatures that were transformed though the process of gnombification. A gnome zombie is truly a force to be reckoning with – if you are another gnome zombie. Unfortunately for Gnombies, they still suffer from maximum height restrictions and are unable to get into the big leagues of prime-time zombie action. So now regulated to their respective backyards and neighborhoods they plot to eat your family pets and whatever else they can get their little carnivorous teeth on. Once cheerful little fellows that would greet your guests and liven your garden, now they are an unstoppable force of evil hell-bent on devouring Fluffums.


Players build their gnombie factions depending on the Gnombification method chosen. Players may choose from the methods listed below and are encouraged to come up with a fun creation story for their group.

Sinister – Whether through evil rituals, farm incantations, malicious evil glue that was placed there by the dark overlord, a nasty cloud with a hangover or any other method someone created your Gnombies on purpose. Your faction always sets up last as a result and gets one additional planning die during the planning phase.

Accidental – This Gnombie faction has been created through sheer dumb luck, someone tripping up and reading the Necrognomebicon, or a full sized zombie was killed in the garden. Due to the fact that they were accidents the Gnombies in this faction may each make a reroll once per game when making shatter checks to see if they are destroyed.

----intentionally cut----


All Gnombies have the hunger. Being a corpse is very tiring work and it makes one very hungry. Anytime a gnombie moves, attacks, uses Dim or stands still they get one (or more if specifically indicated) hunger tokens. As a general rule, even doing nothing earns a Gnombie one hunger token. Whenever a gnombie reaches fifteen hunger tokens they are considered to be frenzied and will always attack the closest thing until they are fed. See feeding below.


To negate the hunger a Gnombie needs to eat and eat and eat. Each turn that a Gnombie does something they need to eat to negate a hunger token. To feed a Gnombie needs to be in base-to-base contact with any living creature or another Gnombie. Oh yes Gnombies are cannibals.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Announcing New Partnership with RGG

Rob Adams of Dastardly Designed Games is excited to join the table of Rob Davis and Rob’s Game Group.  Adams looks forward to seeing his company’s games featured on the podcast. “Their experienced group will run our stuff though the gauntlet!  Rob Davis is crazy but he is my kind of crazy!”

Dastardly Designed Games is the producer of the miniatures games When The Navy Walked and It Came From Beyond the Still (Hillbillies vs. Aliens) and Rob’s Game Group is a podcast that broadcasts live game sessions as well as game reviews.  Rob Adams of DDG announced the partnership over the weekend, stating Rob’s Game Group will run DDG’s games and in exchange Adam’s will promote the podcast.

Dastardly Designed Games launched under a different company name in 2011 with its publication of the When The Navy Walked core rulebook.  The company’s second game, It Came From Beyond the Still went into publication in pdf form late that year and now features four rule books, available from Wargame Vault.  Early in 2013 the company changed names, becoming Dastardly Designed Games.

Rob’s Game Group podcasts gaming sessions live, most recently airing their exploits while playing the old standby Dungeons & Dragons on June 28th.  The podcast, in it’s brief history, has enjoyed nearly 20,000 views and has well over 200 hundred followers.  Rob’s Game Group is on Facebook and the podcasts can be found here.

The Game Group has been together for seven years, but has been broadcasting for the past four months.  New episodes are made available on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 p.m. until 1 to 2 a.m.

Adams, who operates Dastardly Designed Games out of Jacksonville, Fla., also runs his own blog, which features after action reports, game reviews, GM tips and audio podcasts of the games he runs.

-Mike Williams, BYAG

Monday, July 1, 2013

Video of ICFBTS

A road trip to Kenzer Co headquarters may be in my future! I get to hang out with Jolly and maybe just maybe get a new lcd gaming board and play Munchkin! Here's a quick video of yesterday's game of Aliens vs Hillbillies, notice Tornado Bailey as she knocks the roof off the trailer!