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Song of Ice and Fire - Episode One - First Death

Friday we played Game of Thrones using the AD&D Skills and Powers and Combat and Tactics editions. I opened the book and laughed at the "No this is not a third edition" and thought to myself "No that comes later TSR after you sell your company to WOTC and watch as a magazine company takes over your industry of market share as you allow others to use the game that YOU created" but I digress.

The characters are as follows - Dan is playing a Fighter with the Assassin Kit, Jess is playing a Druid and Mel is playing a Fighter. I let them roll 4d6 keep the highest three. I did not let them make rerolls. It's supposed to be a game based on George Martin's Song of Ice and Fire which itself is based on the Wars of the Roses which is a very dark time for England. This is not a high fantasy game. I will however be using the rules for rest that are found in the DND Next playtest. I like the idea of not having to have a cleric in the party but them still being able to continue with the game. I will also be using the high damage rule for roll on death though and also the knockout rules from combat and tactics to balance it out. Any magic over third level will require rituals and will take lots of time and practice. There will not be many magical characters in this game.

The game started in Casterly Rock with the players participating in the preparations for the upcoming archery tournament that was being held by King Robert Baratheon the First of His Name. Mel's character was a waitress at the Royal Lion, a pub and eatery owned by a distant cousin of Tywin Lannister.  None of the players are highborn though some may be related.

The camera opens to the party enjoying themselves in an uncrowded bar.  The bar itself very middle English design with family crests on the doors and open air windows.  A cloaked man sat by himself in a corner writing on a piece of parchment at the back of the bar and several cousins of the Lannisters sat and harassed the ladies as they attempted to serve the people. While enjoying his beer the character played by Dan was almost murdered by poison but he recognized it luckily as he was there at the bar to find a certain Christopher Lannister who was responsible for the murder of the Imp's girlfriend (not a spoiler it's not in the cannon) and kill him.

My wife was accidentally shot by a bolt that just grazed her face as the bolt was obviously meant for one of the three Lannister brothers who were in the process of leaving when Jess playing the druid ran out to investigate.  As she left the bar and rounded an alley she ran into a man smiling looking into a nearby window. Approaching the man she was disgusted to see his hands firmly down his pants and a grin on his dirty lowborn face. After chasing him off she returned to the alleyway just in time to be rushed by the strange man who was writing down something at the bar and nearly being knocked down as an inkwell crashed to the ground and the man disappeared behind the stables.

Dan investigated but was disguised as a Septum and so felt it necessary to try to help heal the maid played by Mel. After they fixed up Mel's character by putting poultice on her and giving her some Milk of the Poppy they rounded the corner only to almost step on the body of the robed man. He was of obvious northman descent. The party began to rummage through his things just as a blond hair man walked up. Among his items were scrolls written in Tardarian and a sketching of a dragon. The man that interrupted him said "Interesting. Do you always rifle the dead?" He was obviously high born and important but the party did not recognize him at first. The man offered his help saying "The man was probably not a follower of the Mother, Septum, but if you bring him to Jamie Lannister's garden I believe there is a Heart tree there."  The party shocked at even being addressed by this man nodded and Dan said "I would need Ser Jamie's permission of course." The man laughed "You have it."

After discussing the grisly details with the blond haired man who was indeed Jamie Lannister the party began to leave but not before as they followed him out of the town square as a man mumbled "kingslayer" under his breath and was quickly beheaded by Jamie. "Apology accepted." said Jamie and added "Are you coming?" to the party. As the party passed the man they noticed that he had the same kind of daggers that had killed the scribe and had the same kind of bolt fletching used in the earlier attack.

So ends episode one

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