Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rob vs Hastur

Our normal Superdungeon game was canceled last night on account of two of our players being sick and a third being late. Eric brought over Tommy and Suzan. So the eight of us decided to play Arkhan Horror.  It was a good fun game and the gates kept opening on locations where there already were gates. We would have kicked Hastur's butt this time around. Everyone worked together well and we kept getting Elder Signs which allowed us to not only seal the gates but steal them from Hastur's doom track thereby slowing down his grand welcoming party. The game ended with us having only one monster on the table and one gate left to close out of the six total. Next time we'll use the Innsmouth Horror expansion.

I love this game. It's fun to play as an Investigator and not have to run as a Keeper all the time.  We will play Mansions of Madness eventually too. I've played it. It's a fun game. Not made by Richard (who signed my copies of Arkham and I did a co-game designer thing with at Gnomecon) but it's a great game!  I really enjoy the mythos. I mean who wouldn't go crazy after seeing someone's face fall off their face or non-euclidean geometry?


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