Sunday, June 30, 2013

Real Epic High Fantasy

Unless you are living under a rock you know about Shaintar. It's a setting for Savage Worlds. Savage Worlds is a great game.

My buddy Sean Patrick Fannon has a really great kickstarter going for his Epic High Fantasy world of Shaintar. I have had the fortune of playing Shaintar while he was down here living in Jacksonville, FL and we played with the Obsidian Studios crowd. I actually met Sean at Wardogs game center in Jax here while he was looking at some Hero books I believe. We started talking and became comrades quickly thereafter. What amazed me about Sean is he had left his previous residence to come to Jax to work as the Director of a Game company - that did not yet exist. It was his job to make it exist. Yet he took on the challenge like a hero.

One of the things that sucks you in with Sean is that his love of the fantasy world he knows so well and his love of sharing the creative license with you as a player. I made up this warrior/adapt group of goblinesh called the Bloodsoothers. Now I am not sure if they went into his final book or not but for me the fun was creating something and having him put it into the world. He's like this with everyone!

Looking at the titles I have to smile because I've been part of this world from early (not the beginnig) but very early on when he was working for Jared at Obsidian Studios. I was actually part of the demo/con team called Team Obsidian. You can see a nod to my assistance and writing in the Fantasy Role Players Gaming Bible II and in Core and the eariler Wild  Blades.

This post isn't about me though. It isn't even about Sean. It's about Shaintar. A world where you can jump in and actually make stuff happen. A world where you fight the bad guys and where altruism is given a voice. A world where good politicians actually exist and a world where evil is very very evil. A world of light and life versus dark and flame. A world created by Sean but modified by the imaginations and creativity of players in years and years of campaigns.

This game has history! Sean has ran Shaintar literally thousands of hours over at least half the states and the people just keep adding too it! Players and Sean keep adding more and more to the world but not in a mixing pot kind of way. Everything actually works!

Take "In Severances Service" as a kickstarter level for instance. I happen to have been part of the game where Ace who was playing a very talented leader character named Lord Severance, Chris and Tim Forrester, Kevin Ranson and several others played in that game and in the Freelands they were being overran by evil. Lord Severance and his band were some of the only that could stand against the darkness and win - and win they did! In another game, ran opposite biweekly on Saturdays I believe, I played Schulle-Kralle my goblinesh orc Bloodsoother who eventually became a Silver Unicorn and turned Druid. The liked of Jason Engle, Kat, Jared and several others played in that game along with Sean as the GM.

So, if you don't like Epic storytelling and do not desire to play a hero then stay away from this game. But if you want epicness on a scale not often seen and the opportunity to actually change a world's present and hopefully shape its future then look no further than Shaintar.

It's truly is that epic!

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