Monday, June 24, 2013

ICFBTS Biker Gang

Use the hatfields as a template minus the dog. give all bad to the bone, two riding all alone, all of them brothers in arms, one vp and one svp. all harleys which moves 15 inches per turn.

bad to the bone - You really are that bad. When using your bike to move you may attempt to move double by passing a medium do it check. if successful, move double then continue your action. failure indicates you dropped the bike. roll 1d6 versus bike hits. this can be used for stunts too at higher levels of do it checks and more damage as a result as determined by the gm.

riding all alone - if there are no brothers within 12" add +1 to your do it checks for bike stunts.

bro in arms - If two or more are at least three inches together and one take a wound the wound may be taken by the other driver as he swerves to protect his friend.

vp - any bro riding with vp gets a +2 on courage checks and moves 1 inch further including vp. vp has to have at least one bro within three inches to get the ability. vp may reroll two stunt check pet game.

svp - svp may reroll one stunt check per game.

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